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Fans start petition – Hogwarts Legacy 2 should not be a live service game!

Fans want to prevent Hogwarts Legacy 2 from becoming a live service game, which is why a petition has been launched on

vor 1 month

Hogwarts Legacy 2 was just teased and you didn’t notice!

Avalanche Software is already working on Hogwarts Legacy 2, and the new information clearly points to the massive Wizarding World from Warner Bros. Games.

vor 2 months
Hogwarts Legacy Switch

Hogwarts Legacy gets new game features in 2024

Avalanche has officially confirmed that Hogwarts Legacy will be supplied with new content this year. Updates and completely new game features are planned. But...

vor 3 months
Hogwarts Legacy: Played through the game. And now? What you can still do in the post-game (guide, solution)

All’s Well That Ends Well: Successfully mastering the Clock Tower Puzzle in Hogwarts Legacy

In this solution to Hogwarts Legacy, we'll tell you how to solve the clock tower puzzle in the school's bell tower. All's well that...

vor 4 months

Hogwarts Legacy: How to solve the Tapestry Puzzle in the Werewolf Room!

In Hogwarts Legacy there is a puzzle with the werewolf room. But where can I find the tapestry and what do I have to...

vor 4 months

Hogwarts Legacy: Master Professor Sharp’s task 1 and 2 with flying colors

In this guide to the popular role-playing game Hogwarts Legacy, we'll tell you how you can master Professor Sharp's task 1 + 2 without...

vor 5 months

Hogwarts Legacy: Getting a broom – flying lesson and flying test!

Here you can find out how to get a broom in Hogwarts Legacy. On top of that, this is the guide for Lesson: Flying...

vor 5 months

All 33x Demiguise Statues, exact Locations on Map – Hogwarts Legacy

There are collectibles in Hogwarts Legacy that you need to find. These include the Demiguise Statues. But where can I find all the moons?...

vor 6 months

Earn money in Hogwarts Legacy, how to get Gold Galleons quickly – Tips

In our guide to Hogwarts Legacy, we explain how to get money quickly in the role-playing game. Gold on masse!

vor 7 months
Hogwarts Legacy: Beste Ausrüstung im Spiel (Lösung, Fundort, Guide)

The best Gear in Hogwarts Legacy: How your clothing achieves the highest values!

Is there such a thing as the best gear in the game in Hogwarts Legacy? And how can clothing achieve the highest values? We...

vor 1 year

Hogwarts Legacy: Can I enlarge Beast Dens? – All 4x Vivariums

The care of magical creatures is an important part of Hogwarts Legacy. How much space is needed? Can animal enclosures be enlarged?

vor 1 year

Improve Brooms in Hogwarts Legacy: All Broom Flight Trials with Locations

In this solution you will find out everything about the Broom Flight Trials in Hogwarts Legacy and all the locations where the individual races...

vor 1 year
Hogwarts Legacy So funktioniert das Fliegen mit Besen

The Best Broom in Hogwarts Legacy: Is there a high-flyer?

Which flying machine in Hogwarts Legacy actually deserves to be called the best broom in the game? The answer to this can be found...

vor 1 year

Hogwarts Legacy: Defeating a troll made easy

In “Hogwarts Legacy” trolls are undoubtedly among the less intelligent opponents. This is how you can take advantage of the simple AI.

vor 1 year

Famous Wands in Hogwarts Legacy: Replicating the wands of Harry Potter, Voldemort and Co

If you want to recreate the wand of a famous character from the Harry Potter universe in Hogwarts Legacy, you can do so, you...

vor 1 year

The Elder Wand in Hogwarts Legacy: Best wand in the game, here’s how to get it!

Want to get your hands on the Elder Wand in Hogwarts Legacy? Quite possible: Best magic wand in the game, in this guide we'll...

vor 1 year

Follow the Butterflies in Hogwarts Legacy – locations & map

In our guide, we explain how to solve the butterfly quest in Hogwarts Legacy and also list the locations of all the butterflies.

vor 1 year

Award talent points correctly in Hogwarts Legacy

In our guide, we explain how you can unlock talents and which skills you can learn during your journey.

vor 1 year

Learn Crucio in Hogwarts Legacy: In the Shadow of the Study – Solution

In our guide, we explain how to solve the quest In the Shadow of the Study and learn the Crucio Curse.

vor 1 year
Hogwarts Legacy: Quiz von Sophronia (Antworten, Lösung, Guide)

Solve the Quiz in Hogwarts Legacy: Sophronia Franklin’s Quiz, all answers

In this guide to Hogwarts Legacy you will find all the answers to the questions that are part of Sophronia's quiz, which you can...

vor 1 year
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