Famous Wands in Hogwarts Legacy: Replicating the wands of Harry Potter, Voldemort and Co

By Heiner Gumprecht - News on 06.03.2023 12:14 Uhr
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In the action role-playing game Hogwarts Legacy you can design your very own wizard or witch, including clothing style, personal space of wishes and of course a magic wand. It’s easy to be tempted to emulate your personal favorite characters from the Harry Potter universe.

Which is certainly possible to a certain extent. If you can tolerate a few compromises in terms of fidelity to the original, you can recreate the famous magic wands from the books and films as soon as the main mission sends you to Mr. Ollivander. We’ll tell you exactly how you do this in this guide.

Hogwarts Legacy: This is how you recreate the wands of Harry, Hermione, Ron and Co

Experience the world of Harry Potter yourself, that’s exactly what is possible thanks to “Hogwarts Legacy” and anyone who wants can not only emulate his heroes and heroines, but also look exactly like them. For example, whoever solves the school’s three mysteries gets the ceremonial cloak that Ron Weasley had to wear in the fourth Harry Potter film.

There are all sorts of other iconic pieces of clothing to be found, but if you want to be just as equipped with your magic wand as the models from the magical world, you have to know their materials. This includes the wood from which the staff is made, the magical core that gives it its power, and the flexibility and length.

Mr. Ollivander in the village of Hogsmeade wants all of this data from you if you are sent to him during the main mission. Your answers determine the appearance of the magical tool and even if the result will not be 100% similar to the original, the similarity is always undeniable.

For everyone who would like to use their favorite character’s wand in Hogwarts Legacy, here is a list of all the wands whose materials we know thanks to the books and films. Unless, of course, you would rather wield the Elder Wand, which can also be crafted: The Elder Wand in Hogwarts Legacy: Best wand in the game, here’s how to get it.

Hogwarts Legacy: Famous Magic Wands, This is how you get the wand of Harry, Hermione, Ron and Co. (solution, guide)
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Hogwarts Legacy: Wands of Famous Characters

Harry PotterHolly woodPhoenix feather11 Inchesspringy
Hermine GrangerGrapevine woodDragon Heartstring10 ¾ inchesunknown
Ron WeasleyWillow woodUnicorn tail hair12 inchesunknown
Lord VoldemortYew woodPhoenix feather13 ½ inchesunknown
Albus DumbledoreElderwood (elderwood)Thestral tail hair16 inchesquite springy
Rubeus HagridOak woodunknown16 inchesunknown
Bellatrix LestrangeWalnut woodDragon Heartstring12 ¾ inchesnot flexible
Draco MalfoyHawthorn woodUnicorn tail hair10 inchesquite springy
Lucius MalfoyElm woodDragon Heartstringunknownunknown
Remus LupinCypress woodUnicorn tail hair10 ¾ inchesflexible
James PotterMahogany woodunknown11 Incheselastic
Lily PotterWillow woodunknown10 ¼ inchesunknown
Minerva McGonagallFir woodDragon Heartstring9 ½ inchesstiff
Neville LongbottomCherry woodUnicorn tail hairunknownunknown
Crafting Iconic Wand in Hogwarts Legacy: Famous Characters
Hogwarts Legacy: Famous Magic Wands, This is how you get the wand of Harry, Hermione, Ron and Co. (solution, guide)
© Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment, Inc.

Hogwarts Legacy: Wands of minor characters

Mary CattermoleCherry woodUnicorn tail hair8 ¾ inchesunknown
Gilderoy LockhartCherry woodDragon Heartstring9 inchesslightly flexible
Sybill TrelawneyHazelnut woodUnicorn tail hair9 ½ inchesvery flexible
Charlie WeasleyAsh woodUnicorn tail hair12 inchesunknown
Victor KrumHornbeam woodDragon Heartstring10 ¼ inchesthick and stiff
Cedric DiggoryAsh woodUnicorn tail hair12 ¼ inchesquite springy
Peter PettigrewChestnut woodDragon Heartstring9 ¼ inchesbrittle
Dolores UmbridgeBirch woodDragon Heartstring8 inchesunknown
Garrick OllivanderHornbeam woodDragon Heartstring12 ¾ inchesslightly flexible
Quirinus QuirrellAlder woodUnicorn tail hair9 inchesflexible
Crafting Iconic Wand in Hogwarts Legacy: Supporting Characters

Of course, you can immediately see that not every magic wand can be recreated true to the original, as not all of the information is available for each of these magical tools. And some wands use materials that don’t exist in Hogwarts Legacy at all. Unfortunately, you have no choice but to make compromises here and there.

But there is another way to customize your wand in the game to that of a famous character: the wand handles. We’ll tell you where you can find these collectables in All 42 wand handles in the game and their locations.

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