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Palworld is an open-world adventure game that combines sandbox elements with crafting and introduces Pals as a special feature. These are Pokémon-like animals with abilities that we can first catch and then use in battle.

The Pals can work in the base when the main character is exploring.

The game went into Early Access on Steam on January 19, 2024. You can play it on PC and Xbox Series X/S.

Faleris züchten in Palworld

Breeding Faleris in Palworld: This is how you are guaranteed to get the Fire Pal – Guide

Faleris is one of the rarest Pals in Palworld. We'll show you how you can breed the Arbiter of the Fiery Heavens as an...

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Catching Shadowbeak in Palworld: Finding and Catching Tips for the Epic Flying Mount!

Can I catch the tower boss Shadowbeak in Palworld? Yes, you can also find and catch the Pal in the normal world. Here is...

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Craft Legendary Weapons with these Schematics- All blueprint locations in Palworld

We'll tell you how easy it is to get all the legendary schematics in Palworld to fill your arsenal with legendary weapons, the best...

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Palworld: My best mount is a real insider tip – Solution

You can unlock this first-class mount very early in Palworld. But why is Fenglope so excellent? It stands out from other Pals in several...

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Find a lot of Pure Quartz at once in Palworld with Trick 17

With this trick you can find a lot of Pure Quartz in Palworld at once. You need the pure quartz for the Circuit Board...

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PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series X 19.01.2024
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