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By Ben Brüninghaus - News on 12.02.2024 00:39 Uhr
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In Palworld there are quite a few mounts that we can unlock very early in the game. But most of them aren’t particularly worth playing at first. They are literally quite lame and extremely boring. Not true?

So the question is: Which vehicle is really worth catching, if we’re honest and take a closer look?

If you look in the right place, you will come across an extremely powerful mount very early on, which I would like to present to you here.

I have therefore prepared a little tip for you in this solution that will present you with a colleague that you should definitely take a look at. It’s not without reason that this mount is one of my absolute favorites and I’ll explain to you why that is.

Everything about mounts in Palworld

It is clear why this pal is particularly suitable for your trip. It’s as fast as lightning and can be caught early in the game. You will love it, I can assure you that much!

But one more thing first: If you have no idea about mounts in Palworld, be sure to check out our guide for beginners here. Here you will also find out how to catch a mount and what you should consider when starting to ride.

  • Catching mounts in Palworld: What you should know beforehand!

Palworld: First-class mount for the early game?!

The mount in question is named Fenglope. It’s much faster than many other mounts and has an insane double jump that lets you jump up almost any cliff.

To be honest, I enjoy this mount even more than most flying mounts. But how can that be? Isn’t flying the greatest of all things? Well, it works if we consider the fun factor.

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With Fenglope you can only use it as a “mount” and not as a flying animal, but the aforementioned speed and the really bad jump make it a lot of fun. The first jump is already very high and can be doubled thanks to Double Jump. It almost feels like I’m flying. And yet it’s somehow nice that you can move so quickly on land.

Most cliffs are really no problem with Fenglope and flying often becomes a minor matter since I’m looking for items on the ground or farming pals anyway.

Unlock Fenglope early in the game, here’s how!

There is a small catch: we actually only find Fenglope in the following habitat. You will find it in the following location in the southeast of the world map in the volcano area and the pal is rated around level 36.

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But what does that actually mean? That said, there is a small exception!

We can unlock Fenglope at around level 20 in the early game and even ride it from level 26, because this Pal is also available as a boss Pal and this boss is much weaker than its normal counterpart.

This also distinguishes Fenglope from many better flight mounts. You can use it to fly through the land very early in the game, while the really good flying mounts only appear in the late game.

Die Bosskonfrontation findet ihr an der nachfolgenden Stelle auf unserer Karte.

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Spawn at the mines at the waterfall and head southwest. But beware! Don’t go up the mountain now, because the Fenglope boss we’re looking for is hiding in the mountain. You can find the entrance to the mountain behind the waterfall, where these torches can be seen at night.

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The waterfall is exactly southwest of the spawn point in question. Follow the waterfall down to the river and run into the mountain at this point. At the very end you will find the Fenglope boss.

Catch Fenglope and make a saddle!

If you want to face Fenglope, just make sure that it is a Neutral Pal, even if it looks like a Water Pal. So you can defeat it with any Pal you have on the team.

And maybe you have a few powerful arguments in your arsenal? The pistol or musket would also be very helpful.

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How can I ride Fenglope? Use a Giga Sphere to capture the Pal so you don’t miss out. And finally all that’s left is to activate the riding mechanic. You can do this by making a suitable saddle.

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Saddle for Fenglope: For the saddle, which you have to make especially for Fenglope, you first need level 26 and then you can unlock the corresponding technology.

Once you’ve done that, run into the base and craft the saddle with the following raw materials:

  • 30x Leather
  • 30x Fiber
  • 20x Ingot Bar
  • 20x Cloth
  • 40x Paldium Fragment

Admittedly, that’s a lot of raw materials that we have to invest in the saddle. But don’t forget that it’s really worth it! Because Fenglope is truly an excellent mount that puts many others to shame.

Did you find the solution useful? If you get stuck elsewhere, our walkthrough for Palworld could be helpful. We have prepared many tips and tricks here that should help you on your trip.

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