Find a lot of Pure Quartz at once in Palworld with Trick 17

By Ben Brüninghaus - News on 09.02.2024 19:18 Uhr
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There are a lot of raw materials in Palworld that we need right from the start of the game. But not all materials are very easy to obtain. Some are really hidden and then you have to search!

We don’t need pure quartz to start the game yet. But in the midgame at the latest, when it comes to producing higher-quality construction sites, we need the valuable item more and more often.

In this solution, we’ll tell you a trick on how you can quickly get a lot of pure quartz, so that you won’t have any problems building your workshops from now on.

What is Pure Quartz in Palworld?

Pure quartz is a completely normal raw material, a material that we need for crafting.

You can make wonderful things with it, such as Circuit Boards. And we simply need the Circuit Boards to build high-quality production machines such as the Pal Sphere Production Bank II or, for example, the Refrigerator that you unlock at level 38.

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There is also a high demand for these boards in the late game, as the saddles of the high-quality Pal require these materials.

So you quickly realize that we basically can’t have enough quartz. And when it comes to the idea of automation and slowly moving towards industrialization, the high-quality Circuit Boards are simply a must. So what to do?

Pure Quartz location in Palworld

Where can I find pure quartz in Palworld? In order to be able to produce many Circuit Boards in one go, we need a little more pure quartz. That’s why it’s hardly worth collecting a small amount of the raw material.

We have to think bigger and that’s what we’re doing now! If you want to get a lot of pure quartz very quickly, try this way.

Preparation for pure quartz farming

However, before we send you on your long journey, you should think briefly about the preparation.

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We have to go to a snowy area and where we found it is very cold. Therefore, be sure to prepare the cold-resistant metal armor beforehand. It offers sufficient protection and also keeps out the cold.

You could also consider a fire pal to keep you warm when it is near you or when you ride the pal. The flying mount Vanwyrm or Ragnahawk, for example, is suitable here.

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Also take a Refined Metal Pickaxe with you. Here the durability is higher than with a normal Metal Pickaxe and it breaks down the pure quartz faster!

Location of pure quartz deposits

Where can I find pure quartz in Palworld? In order to get pure quartz, we now have to travel to one of the snow areas. But be careful, there are enemy Pals with a level of 50 in the far north. That’s why this small section of snow (also in the northern part of the world map) is much better for getting Pure Quartz in the midgame. Here the Pals are around level 30.

If you already have this spawn point on the tower, you can jet over here directly via fast travel. If not, ride or fly to this location on our map first.

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Then we continue to our pure quartz hotspot! Here at the spot we marked you are guaranteed to find a whole bunch of pure quartz.

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At this location you can now mine as much pure quartz as you need with your fabulous Pickaxe. And if all of this isn’t fast enough for you or you don’t want to do it manually, there’s another way.

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Trick 17: Build a pure quartz farm!

The best way to quickly farm as much pure quartz as possible without having to do anything yourself is to set up a pure quartz farm here at the location where it was found.

This means that you set up a base camp in the icy mountains and deploy as many Mining Pals as you can at a healthy level. In other words, there is enough food and GEI strength. A few things need to be taken into account and you can find out what they are here.

  • Find out everything about how to set up a resource farm in Palworld here!

Basically, building a resource farm in Palworld always works the same way. Just make sure it’s a snowy area. And the pure quartz deposits must definitely be within the radius of your base circle.

Did you find the solution useful? If you get stuck elsewhere, our walkthrough for Palworld could be helpful. We have prepared many tips and tricks here that should help you on your trip.

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