Breeding Faleris in Palworld: This is how you are guaranteed to get the Fire Pal – Guide

By Mandy Mischke - News on 12.03.2024 13:26 Uhr
Faleris züchten in Palworld
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Faleris is one of the rarest Pals you can find and catch in Palworld. We’ll show you how you can save both time and resources and breed the Arbiter of the Fiery Heavens as an alternative.

Regardless of whether you want to complete your Pal deck or assemble an unbeatable army of companions: sooner or later it will be time to deal with the epic Fire Pal.

Where can I find Faleris?

As the game progresses, you first meet Faleris as a strong companion to tower boss Marcus, who is located in the militia tower in the northeastern desert biome. However, at level 45 you should not underestimate this team and visit it appropriately leveled and equipped.

Once you have defeated the two opponents, the epic Pal will spawn in nature reserve number 3. However, the spawn rate is very low and the hunt quickly becomes frustrating, so the in-house breeding station comes in handy.

Palworld Faleris Location
Here you can find Faleris in the wild © PocketPair/

How can I breed Faleris?

Admittedly, breeding is not quite as simple as you might have hoped. After all, you first need two other Pals of different genders (in addition to a breeding farm): Vanwyrm and Anubis.

The latter is of course not that easy to obtain, as he actually only appears as a late game boss. The breeding farm will also help you here, with which you can obtain Anubis much earlier.

If you put these Pals together in the breeding farm, after a while you will receive a Large Scorching Egg, which you then have to hatch in the incubator. Of course, a male and a female Faleris can also be bred together, so you are guaranteed to get another one of these fire pals.

These are the breeding combinations at a glance:

Parent Pal 1Parent Pal 2

In case you get stuck in “Palworld”, we recommend that you take a look at our walkthrough. Here you will find many tips and tricks that could enrich your adventure.

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