Craft Legendary Weapons with these Schematics- All blueprint locations in Palworld

By Ben Brüninghaus - News on 15.02.2024 15:35 Uhr
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At first glance, there is a fairly manageable arsenal in Palworld. But appearances are deceiving. The weapons from the technology tree can be improved and you should if you want to get the most out of your arsenal.

In this solution you will learn everything about Legendary Schematics and what they can do with your weapons. Spoiler: a significant upgrade.

Palworld: What are weapon blueprints?

But what exactly does that mean, the weapons can be improved? Once we make them, surely they always deal the same damage?

Yes, that is certainly the case, but you can create improved weapons from the original versions – under one condition and that is a corresponding blueprint. Each is a separate blueprint for the next better weapon, an upgrade from your normal shooting iron.

The normal pistol can be upgraded! © Pocketpair/PlayCentral image montage

You can unlock the normal version of a weapon via the technology tab and then build it (even without a blueprint). But then come the upgrades!

Blueprints come in all levels of rarity. For example, the blue blueprint of the pistol (rare) causes the damage to double (from 250 to 500 damage) and that’s a real difference.

The Legendary Schematics (with the yellow color) are the best version of a respective weapon.

Farming legendary blueprints specifically is possible!

And while we’re on the subject of legendary blueprints: the Legendary Schematics can even be farmed specifically. Just follow our instructions!

This means that you can upgrade all of your weapons to the highest level. This may take a while here and there, but in theory it’s actually quite easy to do.

An important step: meat cleaver

Before you start looking for the Legendary Schematics, you should craft a small item. The meat cleaver is a good way to speed up the search a lot.

Because this butcher knife has a special ability: “slaughter pals” and that is very lucrative in practice. We get rare items when we do this. Seen this way, the drop rate of theLegendary Schematics doubles: when catching or eliminating the Pals, a legendary blueprint can drop and also when slaughtering them.

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How can I slaughter a Pal? In order to slaughter a Pal, you must bring the Pal into the team and let it out. Then you go to the pal and press the emote menu. If you pick up the meat cleaver now, the interaction “Stroke Pal” will change to “Slaughter Pal” and your character will slaughter your Pal.

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The search for legendary blueprints

Once you have found out about the basic features of catching and slaughtering, you can finally start the big search. We’ll tell you here where you can find the most important Legendary Schematics to get the best weapon blueprints.

Where can I find Legendary Schematics? You can find the legendary blueprints exclusively and exclusively at Alpha-Pals. These are the Pals that you can find spread across the map.

Also keep in mind that the drop rate is around 1 percent. So you may have to catch and slaughter a lot of Pals in order to farm the best weapons in the game.

The respawn time of the alpha bosses is usually around an hour. You have to wait that long to try again.

Legendary Weapon – The Old Bow

You can find the legendary blueprint for the Old Bow (the normal bow in the game) at Kingpaca. Kingpaca is level 23 and quite easy to defeat (even interesting for the midgame). Here at the following location on our map you will find the Kingpaca Alpha, at coordinates 50, -461.

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Legendary Weapon – The Legendary Crossbow

You can find the legendary blueprint for the legendary crossbow at Bushi, this Alpha Pal is also level 23. Look at the map to find out where Bushi is found. You can find the Pal at coordinates -120, -491 on the map. Watch out for Bushi’s fire attacks!

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Legendary Weapon – The Legendary Pistol

The legendary blueprint for the legendary pistol is available from Beakon, this Alpha Pal flies around in the air and is level 29. Take a look at our map immediately to see the location of Beakon. You can find the Pal at coordinates -346, -253 and you should be careful of the lightning attacks!

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Legendary Weapon – The Legendary Shotgun

The legendary blueprint for the legendary shotgun is available from Suzaku, this Alpha Pal is level 45. The location of Suzaku is the following location. You can find the Pal at coordinates 404, 254 on the map in the northwest desert.

From here it gets a little harder and you should have a few water pals with you. Den Suzaku is a fire pal.

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Legendary Weapon – The Legendary Assault Rifle

The legendary blueprint for the legendary assault rifle is available from Blazamut, this Alpha Pal is level 49. The location of Blazamut is in the west of the world map. You can find the Pal at coordinates -442, -561.

From here it doesn’t get any easier with the late game bosses, so be careful! Blazamut will blow you away if you’re not careful.

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Legendary Weapon – The Legendary Rocket Launcher

The legendary blueprint for the legendary rocket launcher is available from Jetragon, this Alpha Pal is level 50. The location of Jetragon is located in the far west of the world map, in the northwest of the volcanic area. You can find the Pal at coordinates -787, -322.

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Jetragon is one of the hardest bosses in the game, but he also has a really tough blueprint. The legendary rocket launcher is the most powerful weapon in the entire game.

Did you find the solution useful? If you get stuck elsewhere, our walkthrough for Palworld could be helpful. We have prepared many tips and tricks here that should help you on your trip.

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