Catching Shadowbeak in Palworld: Finding and Catching Tips for the Epic Flying Mount!

By Ben Brüninghaus - News on 10.03.2024 12:33 Uhr
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There are several Pals in Palworld that we actually only get very late in the game. And there are Pals that we actually only encounter as tower bosses. But the rare Pals can also be unlocked earlier in the game with easy means. And even the tower bosses can usually be found in the normal world.

In this solution we would like to go into more detail about the epic flying mount Shadowbeak, which is extremely popular in the community. This is a very fast flying mount and it looks damn cool to boot.

But how do we get to the Whirlwind and how high do I need to be to catch and ride Shadowbeak? You can find out all of this here!

What is Shadowbeak in Palworld?

Shadowbeak is a real monster of a flying mount. It’s faster than almost any other mount in Palworld and that alone makes it worth catching Shadow Beak.

But it’s not just that: Shadowbeak is also damn strong as a Shadow Pal and has some devastating attacks. That makes this pal the perfect addition to your team anyway.

Why is Shadowbeak so strong? Shadowbeak’s strength is obvious. The Pal has a particularly strong attack that deals over 160 points of damage (base strength). This is Shadowbeak’s unique ability called Heaven’s Punishment. A sphere of light targets enemies and blasts them away with laser beams: MEGA cool!

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And from that point on, the Pal moves relatively quickly, like a whirlwind, while being very maneuverable and agile due to its small size. Overall, Shadow is a real all-rounder, which is what makes the Pal so promising and the perfect catch.

With Shadowbeak saddle for flying mount

You can turn Shadowbeak into a flying mount, and you should, because our (hopefully soon) new best friend is one of the fastest flying mounts in the game.

In order to accomplish this, however, we need two basic requirements. The one requirement is the level limit. Before level 47 you cannot unlock the saddle in order to craft it.

The only option to get to such a saddle sooner is to go through a friend. If your friend who is also playing on the server has caught a Shadowbeak and is already level 47, you can ask him or her if they can commission a saddle. Then you can theoretically finish and put on the saddle – at a lower level, mind you.

Crafting materials for the Shadowbeak Saddle include:

  • 50x Leather
  • 40x Refined Ingots
  • 25x Venom Gland
  • 45x Paldium Fragment
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Shadowbeak in Palworld – location

If you go looking for Shadowbeak, you should definitely have heat-resistant metal armor and cold-resistant metal armor with you. Because we start our search in the desert and it gets very cold here at night. You therefore need both cold protection and heat protection.

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Where can I find Shadowbeak? Shadowbeak usually only exists as a boss confrontation in the towers, so it is a tower boss. But that’s only half the truth, because Shadowbeak can definitely be found and even caught in the game.

Where Shadowbeak was found: There is a special place in Palworld that we are not actually allowed to enter, but the temptation is great to get to this secret and protected place.

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We’re talking about a special nature reserve that contains the strongest Pals you can imagine.

You can find Shadowbeak in nature reserve number 3 in the far northeast of the world map. Take a look at the map above, on which we have highlighted the area again.

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Here, Shadowbeak, like many other Pals, spawns quite randomly throughout the area. But only at night – as far as I can tell. Which makes sense, since this is a shadow pal and they are known to only spawn at night.

Just fly around the area a bit and look out for a black entity with wings: that’s Shadow Beak!

Tips for catching Shadowbeak

But be careful when approaching Shadowbeak. He is almost as strong as the tower boss and he can really heat you up with his attacks. Fighting him is not that easy, which is why we have prepared a few tips for catching him here.

A few tips in advance: Shadowbeak is around level 42 in this area. So below level 37 it becomes very difficult to defeat and catch him. You could try it once at level 35, but it doesn’t get any easier the lower your level is.

I therefore recommend trying it from level 37. In my example on one of my servers I was level 38 and it worked quite well. However, pack some epic Ultra Sphere (purple).

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I therefore recommend trying it from level 37. In my example on one of my servers I was level 38 and it worked quite well. However, pack some epic Ultra Orbs (purple).

A few tips for the fight

Shadowbeak will feature his full arsenal of abilities. Decide for yourself whether you want to ride your Pal to fight with the Pal, or whether you prefer to help out manually with the single-shot rifle or pistol. Both weapons are quite suitable for combat – the rarer the blueprints of your weapons are, the better.

Take Advantage of Shadowbeak’s Weakness: Our future new friend has a major weakness. Due to his Shadow-type, he is vulnerable to Dragon-type attacks. So see which of your Pals is Dragon-type (like Quivern, for example) and let them fight the Shadow-type.

In the end, the fight is done quite quickly since the Pals are not boss confrontations here. Just make sure that you don’t turn the Pal off completely, otherwise you won’t be able to catch it anymore. Still, you should weaken it as much as possible. Then you draw the spheres and Shadowbeak is yours!

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