All’s Well That Ends Well: Successfully mastering the Clock Tower Puzzle in Hogwarts Legacy

By Heiner Gumprecht - News on 02.01.2024 19:18 Uhr
Hogwarts Legacy: Played through the game. And now? What you can still do in the post-game (guide, solution)
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The action role-playing game Hogwarts Legacy has a few mysteries in store for you, such as the Clock Tower Puzzle in the bell tower.

This challenge is part of the “All’s Well That Ends Well” mission and can also be solved independently of it. However, it causes many people to have gray hair if they are not sure what exactly the game is asking of them.

All’s well that ends well: bell puzzle in Hogwarts Legacy

Another Hogwarts Legacy puzzle awaits you in the school’s bell tower. The aim there is to find bells and return them to their rightful place.

You will have to do this later on in the mission anyway, but you can also go there at any time beforehand and solve the bell puzzle if you wish.

  • Location: In the bell tower (The wing of the bell tower)
  • Prerequisite: Accio, Wingardium Leviosa
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Bell Number #1

For the quickest route, head to the Fleaflame location Courtyard of the Bell Tower in the area The Wing of the Bell Tower.

Don’t go through any doors or follow any corridors, instead run up the stairs on the right-hand side and keep following the steps until you finally reach the inside of the bell tower.

Start here and run. Warner Bros./PlayCentral montage

As soon as you arrive in the wooden frame, you will see a single bell lying on the ground next to a row of three bells.

Lift them with Accio and then use Wingardium Leviosa to steer them to the empty space in the row of bells. Don’t forget that you can move floating objects up, down, forwards, backwards and from left to right.

With a little practice, you should soon find it easy to engage the bell, which completes the first part of this puzzle.

However, it is also possible to do this part using only Accio. To do this, you have to place the bell on the beam below the other bells, move up one floor and lift it again using Accio.

Bell Number #2

The second and final bell, which is part of this bell puzzle, is located a little further up, one floor below the exit that leads to the outside of the tower.

It is hidden in the far corner under the wooden stairs, so keep your eyes peeled. As before, grab the bell with Accio and keep the spell going.

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Because if you don’t interrupt the spell, it automatically changes to Wingardium Leviosa and you can control the bell much better.

In this way, you take it down one floor and hang it in the free space above the row of bells that you have just completed. This section is also only possible with Accio, but requires a lot of patience.

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