Hogwarts Legacy: Defeating a troll made easy

By Mandy Mischke - News on 06.03.2023 13:06 Uhr
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Various opponents await you in Hogwarts Legacy, who sometimes don’t make life so easy for wizards and witches. One player took advantage of the fact that trolls aren’t the brightest candle on the cake and defeated the monster quickly and effectively.

A fight with a troll isn’t particularly difficult to survive. A few targeted hits with various magic spells and barrels standing around will quickly affect the enemy. If you then avoid his counterattacks, you will have defeated him relatively quickly.

Reddit user TheStormBolt illustrates in a particularly entertaining way how he can get rid of his oversized enemy without suffering much damage himself. All he needs is his broom and a cliff.

Hogwarts Legacy shows: Trolls can’t fly

The player first triggers the river troll with a basic spell, putting it into attack mode, whereupon the monster promptly charges at him. At that moment, TheStormBolt jumps onto his broom and flies straight towards a cliff.

The short chase ends rather rudely for the river troll. Apparently only having his victim in mind, he runs after him and falls down the slope to his doom. Admittedly, the cliff is not particularly high, but it is enough to transport the portly colossus into the afterlife without any problems.

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Cowardly move or just clever?

Some people may think that it is cowardly to run away from an enemy. However, we find this move to be particularly imaginative. After all, there’s nothing wrong with taking advantage of your environment and the opponents’ somewhat simple AI.

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