Hogwarts Legacy: Master Professor Sharp’s task 1 and 2 with flying colors

By Heiner Gumprecht - News on 24.11.2023 13:31 Uhr
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In Hogwarts Legacy, teachers occasionally have quite specific requests that you have to fulfill for them. This is also the case in Professor Sharp’s task 1 and 2, where you learn more about potions and their effects.

In this guide to the popular role-playing game set in the world of Harry Potter, we’ll tell you how to get this quest and how to master it with flying colors. And what you get in return.

Professor Sharp’s task 1: The art of potions

So, you budding potion masters, before you set about completing Professor Sharp’s Task 1, you need to do a little bit of groundwork.

The key to this adventure lies in completing the main quest Jackdaw’s final resting place. Sounds mysterious, doesn’t it? Hogwarts Legacy: Jackdaw’s Rest – All mysteries explained.

As soon as you have fought, puzzled and conjured your way through this mission, the good Professor Sharp will notice you and send you a message with his tasks.

And bang, you’re right in the middle of potion brewing. He expects nothing less than perfect potions – so grab your wands, cauldrons and ingredients and show him what you’re made of.

The focus potion – your introduction to the art of magic potion

The first thing on the agenda is the focus potion. Go to J. Pippin’s Potions in Hogsmeade and get either a ready-made potion for 500 gold coins or the recipe for 1,200 gold coins.

The recipe is a better investment in the long term, as you have constant access to the potion. You need three ingredients for the focus potion: Lacewing, Rivergrass Stem and Swampcrawler Tongue. Once you have the potion, simply drink it and the first part of the task is done.

Don’t have enough gold to buy the potion recipe straight away? No problem, just take a look at this guide and you’ll soon be swimming in gold: Earning money in Hogwarts Legacy, how to get gold galleons quickly.

Maxima and Edurus – a special kind of challenge

For the second part, you have to make two more potions: Maxima and Edurus. If you don’t have the Edurus recipe yet, you can buy it or the finished potion from Pippin.

For the Maxima Potion you need leech juice and spider fang, you can also find these ingredients at Pippin. Once you have both potions, drink them at the same time and voilà – task 1 is complete.

What does the reward look like? Once you have completed the potion master’s first task, you have not only earned his respect, but also the extremely useful spell Depulso.

Hogwarts Legacy: Master Professor Sharp's task 1 and 2 with flying colors
Professor Sharp’s task starts after he has contacted you via owl mail. Warner Bros./Avalanche

Professor Sharp’s task 2: The path to becoming a potion master

Now that you’ve mastered the art of brewing potions, it’s time to take your skills to the next level with Professor Sharp’s Task 2.

But hold on to your wands. Before you dive into this magical cookbook, there’s one more small hurdle to overcome. You have to follow the course of the game and wait for Professor Sharp to contact you again after you have completed his first task.

He’s not the type to hand out tasks just like that – no, no. He first checks whether you have what it takes. As soon as you have received his invitation, you are ready to embark on the next round of magical potion making.

The invisibility potion – Become unseen

Let’s continue with task 2, where the first thing you have to do is get an invisibility potion. As before, you can either buy the recipe or the finished potion from Pippin.

Once you have the potion, find a quiet place and drink it. You are now invisible and the first part of the task is complete. The mission automatically moves on to the next phase.

Thunderbrew Potion – Strength in battle

The Thunderbrew Potion is the second part of this task. Again, get the recipe or the finished potion from Pippin. You can collect the ingredients while you are pursuing other missions.

After you have brewed the potion, find an easy opponent and drink the potion before the fight. If you are victorious, return to Professor Sharp to learn your well-earned spell.

What does the reward look like? If you manage to complete Sharp’s second task, he will not only be extremely impressed, he will also teach you the Diffindo spell.

Hogwarts Legacy: Master Professor Sharp's task 1 and 2 with flying colors
Thanks to J. Pippin’s potion store, Sharp’s tasks are child’s play. © Warner Bros./Avalanche

Professor Sharp’s task 1 + 2: Conclusion

Congratulations to you. You have managed to master Professor Sharp’s tasks. With these new potions and spells in your repertoire, you are well on your way to becoming a true potions master in Hogwarts Legacy. So, get to the cauldron and have fun brewing.

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