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There are many tricky puzzles in Hogwarts Legacy. Most of the puzzles in the action RPG are relatively easy to solve, but the developers have hidden a real puzzle grenade in some places. These include the door puzzle with the animal symbols.

However, the hidden Demiguise Statues also have a lot to offer! They are very important, as they are inevitably linked to your lock-picking skills.

If you are still looking for a Demiguise Moons or two, take a look at our walkthrough. We’ll tell you where you can find all the statues. And if you still don’t know how to unlock the spell Alohomora, take a look at our lock picking guide.

Demiguise statues – 3x Locations in the Main Quest

To be able to collect the Demiguise statues at all, you have to complete the main mission The Moon Possessed Janitor. Help Gladwin Moon and then you will be confronted with the first two statues in Hogwarts.

  1. The first Demiguise statue can be found on The Grand Staircase – it is activated as part of the Caretaker Mission when you remove the moon.
  2. You will find the second Demiguise statue in the teacher’s tower. It is waiting for you in the bathroom of the student council – you will be looking for it during the janitor mission. Go left in the bathroom to reach the moon safely. And don’t forget the disillusionment spell!
  3. The third Demiguise statue can be found in the Hospital Wing – you will be looking for it during the janitor mission. After the bathroom, go back to the corridor and up the stairs to your right. In the hospital wing, walk past the three ladies on the right.
Is there a Demiguise hiding here? Warner Bros/Avalanche Studios/

Demiguise Statues – 10x Locations in Hogwarts

The advanced form of Alohomora II and Alohomora III is only available when you bring back more Demiguise Moons. So first we have to collect nine more moons. Only then can you reach level 2 with Mr. Moon.

  1. The first regular Demiguise statue at Hogwarts can be found here – The Astronomy Wing

In the dungeon opposite the dragon statue, open the door with the level 1 lock. The room is called Muggle Studies.

Off to Demiguise, here we come! Warner Bros/Avalanche Studios/
  1. The second Demiguise Moon at Hogwarts awaits at this point – The Bell Tower Wing

This moon is not directly in the castle. It is located at the north exit of Hogwarts, where you can easily portage to. There is a level 1 lock on the right-hand side in front of the exit and the coveted item is waiting behind it.

  1. The third Demiguise Moon at Hogwarts awaits at this point – The Bell Tower Wing

This statue is hiding at Hagrid’s, ähh Howin’s! So it’s also outside the castle at the Beasts Class. To open this door, however, you need a level 2 unlock.

  1. The fourth Demiguise moon at Hogwarts awaits at this point – The Astronomy Wing

Another moon awaits you in the classroom: Defense Against the Dark Arts. Spawn at the flea point in Professor Fig’s classroom. The Demiguise is hiding in Fig’s office. And you don’t even have to pick a lock!

  1. The fifth Demiguise Moon at Hogwarts awaits at this point – The Astronomy Wing

It is hidden behind the door on the right when you enter the Tower of the Dark Arts. So it’s really the door on the right when you enter the Astronomy Wing from the front. The fifth moon is also a level 2 lock.

  1. The sixth Demiguise Statue at Hogwarts has a good hiding place – The Library Annex

The entrance is via the bell tower and then walk straight down through the Long Gallery (halfway up). A statue with a level 2 lock is hidden in the basement of the Long Hall.

  1. The seventh Demiguise Statue at Hogwarts is in a good mood – The Library Annex

This moon sits in the middle of the classroom: Divination. Simply take it and be happy. Spawns best at the corresponding flea point. The point is located in front of the greenhouse.

  1. The eighth Demiguise statue at Hogwarts is a bookworm – The Library Annex

This statue is very well hidden, as it is located under the library in the Restricted Section. Start in the library and then run down from there past a few bars. You will see it on the way. Near the chest with eyes.

  1. The ninth Demiguise statue at Hogwarts is always full of delight – The Great Hall

This moon is waiting behind a locked door with a level 1 lock. When you enter the Great Hall, run up once in the middle and then look in the far right corner. Here you will find the door in question.

  1. The tenth Demiguise moon is hiding at this point – The South Wing

When you walk through the Clock Tower, turn left. The moon is located in a locked toilet with a level 1 lock. To be more precise, it is located in the lower, rear section of the South Wing (see map). The door is adorned with a wizard’s shield. In the toilet, go through the middle door to get to the Demiguise Moon.

Bring Alohomora to level 2!

Once you have collected the first 9 Demiguise Statues, you can take them to Gladwin Moon.

This allows you to improve Alohomora. However, if you want to get Alohomora to level 2 in order to pick the level 2 locks, you will also have to search outside Hogwarts, as not all 9 statues can be found in Hogwarts straight away. Some doors have a level 2 lock.

We recommend making a detour to Hogsmeade in between, as you’ll find a relatively large number of them together here.

Demiguise Statues – 9x Locations in Hogsmeade

We continue on to Hogsmeade. Here, too, we have to search for 9 Demiguise Statues, but the search is limited. They are basically quite easy to find. Here are all the moons you can find in Hogsmeade.

We have created a map for you that will show you where to find the Demiguise hiding places in no time at all. Simply run from point 1 to 9 and you’ll quickly solve the puzzle.

  1. The first moon is hidden in the Hog’s Head. You can simply run in here and grab the moon. Run right around the barkeeper.
  2. The second moon is hidden in the house behind a level 2 door. It is the house to the right of J. Pippin’s Potions.
  3. The third moon is at the top of The Three Broomsticks Inn. Run all the way up the stairs to the level 1 door.
  4. The fourth moon is waiting in the house to the right of The Three Broomsticks. Here you will also have to deal with a level 1 door.
  5. The fifth moon is on the far right in Hogsmeade, in the upper of the two eastern houses. The level 1 lock is quickly picked.
  6. The sixth moon is hidden by the right-hand house on the northern bridge (the upper right-hand bridge) next to Brood and Peck.
  7. The seventh moon is waiting right on the counter when you walk into Dervish and Banges from the right, right next to Besenknecht’s Sunday State.
  8. The eighth moon in Hogsmeade is located to the north of Tomes and Scrolls, in the middle of the three houses that stand directly above the specialist bookshop. This is a level 2 castle.
  9. The ninth moon is located in the room next to Tomes and Scrolls. When you enter the store, go past Thomas Brown on the right. This will take you to the other room.
All the Demiguise moons are hidden here in Hogsmeade. Warner Bros/Avalanche Studios/

Demiguise Statues – 11x Locations in the Highlands

Once you have all the Demiguise statues in Hogsmeade and Hogwarts, it’s time for the final spurt! A few of the funny fellows are still waiting in the Highlands. So take a look at the world map and you’re ready to go. We’ll grab them all Ash Ketchum his Pokémon!

  1. The first Demiguise statue in the Highlands is located here: Upper Hogsfield.

The moon is Upper Hogsfield is quite easy to find. It is located in the Middle House on the west side of the village. The level 1 castle should no longer be a problem.

  1. Look for the second Demiguise statue in the highlands here: Pitt-Upon-Ford.

The moon in Pitt-Upon-Ford is located in this house a little south of the flea point. You can simply walk into the house and take the stairs up to the attic. There is no lock here.

  1. The third Demiguise statue is at this location: Lower Hogsfield.

In Lower Hogsfield, simply enter the house on the right (from the flea point). There is no lock here either. But remember that it must be at night! The moon is directly behind the door on the left.

  1. You will find the fourth Demiguise statue in the Highlands at this location: Aranshire.

The moon is hiding in the house next to the flea point. This time you have to pick a level 1 lock. Easy game, easy life! The moon is waiting for you upstairs next to the bed.

  1. The fifth Demiguise statue is hidden in the highlands at this point in the east: Brocburrow Hamlet

From the flea point, run straight through to the house. When you are facing the spring, run to the right to the house with the moon (without the lock, as in Canada).

  1. The sixth Demiguise statue is hidden further south. In Keenbridge Hamlet.

In Keenbridge, start from the flea point and go straight ahead to the merchant. Behind it you will see a house with a garden with a level 1 lock.

© Warner Bros./Avalanche Studios/
  1. The seventh Demiguise statue can be found in the far west: in Hamlet of Feldcroft.

In the far east of the map you will find the cute little village of Feldcroft. From the flea point, head east. When you see the house behind the well, you know what to do! The level 2 castle must not stop us. The moon is waiting on the windowsill on the left.

  1. The eighth statue is waiting for you to the east of Feldcroft: in Irondale.

You will find the next statue if you walk to the flea point in Irondale (Irondale is east of Feldcroft) and then look towards the mill.

From there, look towards Irondale, more precisely towards the mill. The house in front of the mill is the place to be. The moon is on the right behind the counter in the kitchen.

© Warner Bros./Avalanche Studios/
  1. The ninth statue is far to the south. In the pretty town of Marunweem Lake.

To travel to Marunweem, you have to walk through a gorge in the southeast. In Marunweem you start as usual at the flea point, which is always the easiest. The house is located to the north of the spawn point, right next to the bridge by the water. In the house, it is hidden behind the counter on the left.

  1. You have to look for the tenth bust with the moon here in the southeast of the map: Bainburgh

Once you arrive in Bainburgh, you’re ready to go. Start here from the flea point and head north. The house on the left next to the notice board is protected by a level 2 lock. But not with us!

  1. The eleventh and last statue can be found in the following village: Cragcroftshire.

Cragcroft is in the far south. The last location, so to speak. If you start at the flea point, head in the direction of Giant, shady tree in the middle of the village. There is a merchant here. The moon is in the house next to her.

Bring Alohomora to level 3!

Once you have collected another 13 Demiguise statues, you can take them back to Hogwarts to the good janitor Gladwin Moon, and you should do so.

This means that Alohomora can now be upgraded to level 3. And if you get Alohomora to level 3, you can now pick level 3 locks. That means treasures, treasures and more treasures!

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