The best Gear in Hogwarts Legacy: How your clothing achieves the highest values!

By Heiner Gumprecht - News on 09.03.2023 18:05 Uhr
Hogwarts Legacy: Beste Ausrüstung im Spiel (Lösung, Fundort, Guide)
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Many players wonder whether there is such a thing as the best equipment in the action role-playing game Hogwarts Legacy. Since you can find clothing everywhere, this question is probably only justified, after all, you want to know beforehand which items of clothing have potential and which can safely be exchanged for gold at the dealer.

In this guide to equipment in “Hogwarts Legacy” we want to explain to you how exactly the outfit system works, how you get what types of clothes and which pieces are the best equipment in the entire game that you can use maximum values are reached and there is no longer any need to fear danger.

Hogwarts Legacy: In-game clothing and Gear

If you open the menu and select gear there, you can choose six different types of clothing and equip your character with them. Any form of clothing, such as neckwear, coats and capes or even headwear, can also be customized in appearance.

To customize the look, simply select the appropriate body part, but instead of opening the selection as usual, press the button shown for Appearance: Outfit. Here you will find all the styles of the same type that you have already unlocked. You do this by simply diligently collecting new items of clothing and unlocking them through challenges.

For example, if you want to unlock the Hogwarts set, you have to collect all the collection pages inside and outside the school walls: All Revelio manual pages in Hogwarts. Once you have found the required number of manual pages, you can now give your worn equipment the look of Hogwarts.

Hogwarts Legacy: Best Gear in the game (solution, location, guide)
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Best Gear in Hogwarts Legacy: Epic Gear Explained and Locations

The value of the equipment you wear does not matter when using transmog, but you most likely only want to wear epic clothing anyway, which you can recognize by the gold color marking and which usually first have to be identified in the Room of Requirement. But why is epic clothing so much better?

Quite simply: the basic values of the equipment depend on the quality of the clothing and since epic (golden) clothing items are the best in the game, they always have the best values in health, defense and offense. So it’s no wonder you want to find more of them. But that is not so easy.

Although you are literally showered with clothing in “Hogwarts Legacy”, you have little influence on what parts you receive. Gear is given out randomly in the game, which is why a remote chest in a dangerous cave can contain both a cheap piece of clothing and an epic piece of clothing.

The same applies to the rewards from secondary and main missions, because here too you can win the main prize or win a prize. And the good rewards are almost always purely visual in nature and therefore have no influence on the values of your equipment.

Anyone who diligently explores the world, plunders treasure vaults, completes secondary missions and overcomes collection challenges will find golden items of clothing at regular intervals anyway. However, if you are unsure about this, you can also use a little trick to find more epic gear.

Before opening a large chest, save your game and open the thing. If you are satisfied with the content, continue straight away, but if you are disappointed instead, simply reload and try again. Every time you open it, the contents are rolled again and with a bit of luck, this time there will be something epic inside.

Hogwarts Legacy: Best Gear in the game (solution, location, guide)
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Hogwarts Legacy: The best Gear in the game, is there such a thing?

The last point may have already made it clear, but we’d rather say it again: There is no definitive best equipment in the game. As already mentioned, the basic values depend on the rarity and the level of the clothing. The level of clothing, however, depends on your level.

So if you are at level 8, the epic hat will also be at level 8, which means its values are of course far below what the same hat would provide at max level 40. So if you dream of wearing the best gear in “Hogwarts Legacy”, you should farm golden equipment at level 40 and then adapt it to your preferences via transmog.

If you don’t have patience for the search, pay a visit to the clothing dealers in the open game world, such as Besenknecht’s Sunday best in the village of Hogsmeade. These businessmen occasionally also have golden items of clothing in their offerings, which have good values at level 40.

Hogwarts Legacy: Best Gear in the game (solution, location, guide)
© Warner Bros. Interactive Inc./PlayCentral

Best Gear in Hogwarts Legacy: How to achieve the best values in the game

If you have clothing at level 40, you will notice that the base stats are significantly different from lower levels. And since they are epic in nature, you can also attach level 3 traits. But what is much more important is that you can further improve the pieces of equipment in the Room of Requirement and thus make them stronger.

You can upgrade clothing three times in “Hogwarts Legacy” to increase health, defense and offense. Of course, for this you also need the improvement requirements, which in this case means that you need materials from animal creatures, which you either buy from dealers or farm yourself in the Room of Requirement.

Most of the ingredients are from common creatures that you can catch early in the game and keep in your enclosure, such as the fur of a mooncalf or the feather of a fwuuper. We explain to you exactly how you find these creatures and what you have to do in Catching, Breeding & Selling All Magical Animals in Hogwarts Legacy.

Especially when improving from level 2 to the maximum third level, you will need significantly rarer animal materials, such as a phoenix feather. You can find out which rare materials are required and how you can find them in the game from the following table:

It can’t be said exactly which items of clothing can achieve the best values in the entire game, as they all differ by a few percent, but at level 40 and improved to level 3, a complete outfit should achieve the following values , which can be a few points higher or lower here and there:

  • Health: 4,000
  • Defense: 440
  • Offensive: 430
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