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Finding the Phoenix and getting the Phoenix Feather in Hogwarts Legacy is super easy!

In Hogwarts Legacy there are countless magical animal creatures, as we know them from the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. The great thing is that we can even find, catch and breed one. But that is not always as easy as it sounds at first glance.

In order to accommodate one or two animals in our Vivarium in the Room of Requirements, we first have to find them, of course! And there are problems here and there when catching them because they always ride away or fly away. So what to do?

In this solution you will learn everything about the legendary Phoenix. As in the books, it also exists in Hogwarts Legacy. But where is this special creature hiding? And how can I catch him? We’ll tell you this and also how you can tame the magical creatures.

This is the Phoenix! But we have to catch him first. © Warner Bros./Avalanche Studios/

If you are looking for more solutions to the game, be sure to check out our walkthrough. We’ll help you with the most important questions in the game and if you have any questions, just write them in the comments.

How can I find the Phoenix?

To find the Phoenix in Hogwarts Legacy, we have to travel to a very specific point on the map. But beware! This is of no use to you if you don’t have the basic requirements for catching the Phoenix.

You must have unlocked the Room of Requirement and all enclosures. Advance the quest series with your house elf Deek until you receive the side mission Phoenix Departure. The suggested level is 20. Nothing works here without the departure of the Phoenix!

When you see the quest flashing, talk to Deek briefly and only then will you be allowed to enter the said point.

Where exactly can I find the Phoenix? In order to find the Phoenix, you ideally have to have already explored a large part of the southern world. In the southeast of the Highlands you will find Floo Flame: Phoenix Mountain Cave in the Poidsear Coast region. If you haven’t revealed it yet, look here on the map below.

The Phoenix is hiding in this cave. © Warner Bros./Avalanche Studios/

Complete the Phoenix quest, here’s how!

Once you have arrived in the cave (it is then simply open), you first have to take out a few poachers. If the fights against the black magicians are too difficult for you, you can try an Edurus Potion for defense and a Maxima Potion for a little more power.

If you follow the tunnel, you will eventually come to a fork with a large gate. And here we can already see the Phoenix. He wants us to follow him.

© Warner Bros./Avalanche Studios/

Tip: If you already have Alohomora level 3, be sure to take the passage to the ladder with you. There’s a little treasure waiting for you here!

Continue across the bridge with a jump until you reach the spiders. From here just continue up to the next poachers. At the end you finally come out at the mountain top, where you can now catch the phoenix.

How can I catch the Phoenix?

As with any magical beast, there is a simple way to catch the Phoenix.

Here’s how to catch a phoenix: In this case it’s particularly easy. All you have to do is pull out the  and then give it! The phoenix doesn’t even defend itself here. He really wants to be your friend!

The phoenix is very easy to catch. © Warner Bros./Avalanche Studios/

Then we head back to Deek. Tell the elf about your catch!

What item does a Phoenix drop?

The Phoenix now disappears into the new animal Enclosure: Grasland. Here you can feed him and entertain him just like other fantastic beasts so that you can drop a useful ingredient.

And that is the legendary phoenix feather! The mythical creature has 3x phoenix feathers for you if you take care of it. This allows you to improve your equipment.

Can I breed a phoenix?

Now we come to the next question. What about additional copies? Can we breed a phoenix in Hogwarts Legacy? Or is that not possible at all?

Only one Phoenix in the game? © Warner Bros./Avalanche Studios/

How do you breed a phoenix? No, unfortunately that doesn’t work at all. In principle, it is not possible to get another phoenix in “Hogwarts Legacy”. That’s why you can’t mate the Phoenix and breed other creatures.

This makes the Phoenix the only animal in the game that cannot be bred. A pity.

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