Catching Graphorn in Hogwarts Legacy, location and catching tips – What do I have to pay attention to?

By Ben Brüninghaus - News on 23.02.2023 19:11 Uhr
Das mächtige Graphorn in all seine Pracht. © Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment, Inc./ PlayCentral-Bildmontage

Did you know that there are several mounts in Hogwarts Legacy that live up to their name? They are magical beasts that will take you with them on their backs.

If you want to know which animals act as mounts and where to find them, it’s best to read on. This post is about the terrifying, massive Graphorn.

And if you would like to find out more about the hippogriff, please go here. There is also everything you can learn about the Thestral in this article.

So you quickly notice that there are really many ways to get from A to B in “Hogwarts Legacy”. After all, there is also the ever-useful broom.

What kind of animal is the Graphorn?

The ominous Graphorn is an animal of a strange nature, as it has even thicker skin than dragons in the Wizarding World, the world in and around Harry Potter.

It also has a distinctive humpbacked back. That’s how you recognize it straight away. It is dangerous because it has sharp horns, it moves quickly on four legs and it has a rather open nature. Not to say aggressive in nature!

Where can I find a Graphorn in Hogwarts Legacy?

And that leads us directly to the next topic. When catching a Graphorn, you have to be really careful that it doesn’t tear you apart into Hogwarts student parts!

But we need the Horn of a Graphorn in Hogwarts Legacy to upgrade our equipment. That’s why it’s actually inevitable that we catch at least one specimen.

Where do I look for a Graphorn? If you have now decided to catch a Graphorn, then you first have to fulfill a basic requirement.

What do I have to consider? You will only be confronted with the possibility of catching one during the main mission: San Bakar’s Trial. You don’t even need to look before that! So you don’t get the Graphorn until very late in the game.

You need this test. © Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment, Inc./PlayCentral image montage

If you want to complete this mission, you can travel to the Clagmar Coast (at the very southeast of the map) and catch one.

Once you arrive and begin the fight, exercise a little caution. We don’t want the Graphorn to send us over the Jordan?

How can I catch a Graphorn?

Ideally, you spawn at the Flea Point: Southern Clagmar Coast or alternatively at Clagmar Castle. And then we head east down the ledge. The animal creatures then haunt here after the mission.

Location of the Graphorn building. © Warner Bros./Avalanche Studios/

How should I catch the Graphorn? The Graphorn will oppose you in the mission fight like a normal boss in the game. So we actually have to fight it first. It has a level of 35.

It’s best to use Old Magic to harm the animal a little. The spells Confringo and Bombarda are also advisable. Deal as much damage as your spell build allows.

But be careful: Pay particular attention to the rams, which will really get to you. So always have the dodge button ready!

Kneel or attack? At a certain point in the fight you will be asked whether you want to kneel or attack. In the end, it doesn’t matter what you choose, as you’ll be given the opportunity to tame it either way.

Give the Graphorn due respect. © Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment, Inc./PlayCentral image montage

Can I breed a graphorn?

Yes, Graphorn horns can be grown in Hogwarts Legacy. All we need are two specimens with different genders.

If you would like to catch more Graphhorns, just visit the place mentioned before (but you can only do this after the mission, before that there is simply no Graphhorn to be found here).

Once you have completed the mission, there will be more specimens waiting for you to catch. This way you can finally fill your enclosure in the Room of Requirement with more gap horns to start breeding.

Now build a breeding enclosure and select the male and female specimens. Now all we have to do is wait until the new Graphorn is born.

The Graphorn will be our friend! © Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment, Inc./PlayCentral image montage

Congratulations on your first Graphorn. May there be many more! If you are looking for more solutions, please take a look at our complete solution. Here you will find help on all sorts of topics relating to Hogwarts Legacy.

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