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Thestral as a mount: Unlock the flying Mount in Hogwarts Legacy

By Ben Brüninghaus - News on 13.02.2023 16:25 Uhr
Ist es ein Pferd oder ein Drache? Das Thestral in den Harry Potter-Filmen. © Warner Bros./Avalanche Software

We know them from the Wizarding World, the “Harry Potter” universe: Thestrals are fabulous creatures that, in contrast to normal horses, have a small bonus.

They come with impressive wings and that makes them a little more attractive as a means of transportation than a traditional horse. And that alone is a reason, along with her dragon-like grace, why we should unlock her in the action RPG Hogwarts Legacy.

In this guide you will find out how you can get the Thestral mount in the game and what else you should pay attention to in this regard.

Thestral in Hogwarts Legacy: How to unlock the flying horse?

What can the Thestral mount do? As mentioned at the beginning, the magical horse can fly. It roams the skies like the other mounts or flying machines in “Hogwarts Legacy”. For example, it replaces your broom. And it just looks great!

Nice to know: Did you know that, according to lore, you can only see a Thestral if you, as a human, have already stared death in the face? Therefore, Harry Potter can only view the carriages in Part 3 and Part 4 as horseless carriages. From the 5th school year, Harry Potter can finally see the Thestrals. And do you know why? Write it in the comments!

How can I obtain a Thestral? You can instantly unlock the magical beast as a mount in Hogwarts Legacy by purchasing the Hogwarts Legacy Deluxe Edition or the Hogwarts Legacy Collector’s Edition.

The flying mount Thestral in Hogwarts Legacy. © Warner Bros./Avalanche Software

The upgrade versions include the following in-game items as well as the coveted dragon-like horse:

  • Thestral-Mount
  • Dark Arts: Cosmetic Set
  • Dark Arts: Fightarena
  • Dark Arts: Hat
  • 72-hour Early Access to the game
  • Kelpie Robe
  • Game
  • Life-Size Floating Wand (Collector’s Edition)
  • Collectors Edition Box (Collectors Edition)
  • Steelcase (Collectors Edition)

You can find all information about the individual versions in our overview. Here you can also find out what exact advantages the respective upgrades provide compared to the previous versions:

  • Hogwarts Legacy: To the big preorder guide!

Unlock Thestral with the standard version? Is that possible? Yes, absolutely. The so-called “Dark Arts Pack” can also be purchased separately (in the game) in the Standard Edition. This means you are not forced to buy the entire upgrade version of the game straight away. A good interim solution?

How can I catch the Thestral?

Can I also catch a Thestral? Yes. Once you have made sufficient progress in the main story (complete the Magical Beasts lesson), you can capture Magical Beasts to release into your Room of Requirement in the Vivarium enclosure.

Now you can start looking for a Thestral. Because for this you need the legendary Nab-sack.

Where should I look for a Thestral? You will encounter some Thestrals if you visit the following location on the map. Travel southwest from Lower Hogsfield.

© Warner Bros./Avalanche Studios/

You have to keep your eyes open here and you’ll find what you’re looking for. They lie around here on the holy day (relatively inconspicuous).

© Warner Bros./Avalanche Studios/

How can I catch Thestrals? Of course, Thestrals are not that easy to catch. But every animal has a weakness.

For example, with thestrals you can use the ice spell Glacius. With this spell you freeze the magical animal for a short time. And that gives you the time you need to capture it. After the ice spell, immediately use the Nab-sack and press the square button several times when the circle has run through.

Are there other mounts in the game?

Yes, there are definitely other mounts. It starts with the good old broom – the usual means of transport for Hogwarts students. So. But we should call this a flying machine and not a mount.

But that is not how it remains. In addition to brooms and Thestrals, there is, for example, a legendary Hippogriff (Hyppogryph). The legendary creature, which according to ancient Greek mythology and “Harry Potter” lore comes from an eagle and a horse foal, will also be available in the action RPG. Are you looking forward to the magical beasts?

What is your favorite mount in Hogwarts Legacy? What do you all mean? Feel free to write it in the comments and discuss the enchanted world of “Hogwarts Legacy” with us.

Also take a look at our topic page about the game, where you can find more information, tips and tricks as well as our walkthrough.

When does Hogwarts Legacy come out? The game has been available on the PS5, Xbox Series X/S and PC platforms since February 10, 2023. The PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch version will follow later in the year on July 25, 2023.

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