Catching and breeding Unicorns the right way – Tips and tricks for Unicorn hair in Hogwarts Legacy

By Ben Brüninghaus - News on 23.02.2023 18:55 Uhr
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There is probably no better-known mythical creature than the unicorn. Ok, maybe the good old dragon? But the unicorn has been with many of us since childhood. I’ll just say “The Last Unicorn”, a true classic.

And the Magical Beast naturally also plays a role in the action RPG Hogwarts Legacy.

In this solution, we’ll tell you everything you need to know about unicorns. Can I ride it? Can I catch it?

What is the Unicorn in Hogwarts Legacy?

Can I use a Unicorn as a mount? No, you cannot ride a unicorn in Hogwarts Legacy. If you would like to find out more about the mounts in the game, take a look at our mount guide.

Can I catch a unicorn? Yes, just like many other magical creatures, the unicorn can be caught. And you should do the same!

However, you can only do this once you have unlocked the Vivarium in the Room of Requirement, which gives you access to the Nab-Sack. So keep playing until you reach the point in the main story where you can catch magical creatures.

And then you’re ready to go: find a unicorn now and catch it!

Where can I find Unicorns in Hogwarts Legacy?

There aren’t many places in Hogwarts Legacy where you can look for a unicorn. But unsurprisingly, we find a place in the Forbidden Forest.

Look at the map below if you want to get to your destination quickly.

Here you can find unicorns. © Warner Bros./PlayCentral montage

Your best bet is to spawn at the Floo Flame point in Upper Hogsfield and fly west from there.

How can I catch a Unicorn?

As with any beast, you can also use special spells to make catching the unicorn easier. In the case of the unicorn, we recommend the ice spell Glacius. You can use it to freeze the unicorn for a short time.

But unfortunately, freezing it once is not enough. As it needs six points with the grab bag, we have to switch to Glacius at least a second time and freeze it temporarily. The unicorn is therefore very difficult to catch!

Only one unicorn spawns at a time. Then comes back later. © Warner Bros./PlayCentral montage

Once you have prepared the unicorn accordingly, all you have to do is ignite the Nab-Sack and the pocket vacuum cleaner will do the rest of the work – provided you press the button quickly after each orbit.

What items do unicorns have? If you catch unicorns and look after them in the Room of Requirement (food and affection), they will give you the ingredient unicorn hair, which you can use to improve your equipment. You can learn all about the magical creatures here in our animal guide.

Take good care of your unicorn once you’ve caught it. © Warner Bros./PlayCentral montage

Can I breed unicorns?

Yes, if you have caught several unicorns – including a male and a female – you can even breed unicorns yourself in the vivarium in the Room of Requirement. Simply select in the menu which two specimens should mate and wait until the new creature is born.

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