Hogwarts Legacy 2 was just teased and you didn’t notice!

By Ben Brüninghaus - News on 27.02.2024 12:41 Uhr
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Did you know that Hogwarts Legacy 2 is currently in production? No? Well, that’s not really surprising, because we’re still a long way from an official announcement.

But Warner Bros. Games is already on to something. Something is happening in secret before our eyes and the game has actually just been teased without you possibly realizing it.

Hogwarts Legacy 2 has long been in production

Hogwarts Legacy 2 is currently in production at developer studio Avalanche Software, and not just since yesterday.

A few months ago, Warner Bros. Games let it slip that a “sequel is very likely”, even if they didn’t want to go into detail.

And now another clue has emerged that seems to point directly to the sequel to Hogwarts Legacy.

Avalanche Software is currently on the lookout for new talent to tackle a “high-profile AAA title”. And three guesses which brand we’re talking about? That’s right, the so-called Wizarding World, the world behind Harry Potter.

Hogwarts Legacy: Played through the game. And now? What you can still do in the post-game (guide, solution)
Can we expect a return to Hogwarts Castle? Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment, Inc.

Erste Infos zu Hogwarts Legacy 2

Fans of the mega-blockbuster 2023 are still waiting for a sign of life from the sequel, but there is still no official update on Hogwarts Legacy 2.

But now there is at least an unofficial update. Avalanche Software is working on something and is probably in the middle of producing Hogwarts Legacy 2.

What does the new information reveal? The news relates to a job advertisement from Avalanche Software, who are currently looking for new staff for a “top-class AAA game”.

They are looking for a Lead/Advanced Technical Artist who has knowledge of Unreal and Python/C++. And that suggests that the sequel will be programmed in Unreal Engine 5: the latest version of the Unreal Engine from Epic Games.

As always, it is important to exercise caution with such information and not immediately jump for joy. None of this is official information from Avalanche Software yet. But the job description is a solid hint and it’s probably only a matter of time before we see the first trailer material.

Which lessons would you like to see in Hogwarts Legacy 2? Warner Bros/Avalanche

I’ll eat a broom if this isn’t Hogwarts Legacy 2. I’m just sure of it.

But what do you think? Do you think that Avalanche is already working on the sequel or do you think it’s all too far-fetched? Feel free to write it in the comments and discuss it with us!

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