Improve Brooms in Hogwarts Legacy: All Broom Flight Trials with Locations

By Ben Brüninghaus - News on 06.03.2023 18:46 Uhr
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There are many puzzles in Hogwarts Legacy that are tough. Some are relatively easy and doable in the Wizarding World’s action RPG. But those responsible have installed a real mystery grenade here and there that makes our thinking apparatus glow. So what to do? Feel free to take a look here at We love supporting you!

For example, there are 33x Demiguise Statues, some of which are so well hidden that we keep walking past them. We urgently need them to improve our lock-picking skills.

And not only that: there are Merlin’s Trials, which increase our inventory, and other side quests. With some collection tasks it is not immediately obvious where we have to go or what we have to do. And these tasks also include improving the broom. Is that possible? And if so, how?

In this solution we will show you the locations of the places where you can start broom races and what broom improvements are all about.

Important: This is not to be confused with the landing platforms that you have to land on with your broom! Because that’s another story.

Start Broom Race Events: All Locations

The broom races can be found in the Highlands of Hogwarts Legacy. In this solution we present you all the broom races sorted from north to south.

Why should I do broom racing? If you take part in broom races, you can improve your broom. This increases your broom’s speed and acceleration a total of 3x. So it’s worth it!

The upgrades for the broom can be found in Hogsmeade, in Spintwitches Sporting Needs. To do this you have to complete the time fly challenges, i.e. the broom races. Simply fly through the given frames in the best possible time and at the end you will receive the coveted broom upgrades.

All broom racing events on the map in Hogwarts Legacy. © Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment, Inc.

The first broom flight trial can be found on the Hogwarts school grounds. Just fly over to the Quidditch pitch and start the first race! And always fly beautifully through the rings for a real boom!

At the Quidditch pitch you will find the 1st broom race event. © Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment, Inc.

The second broom race flight trial can be found a little further south of Hogwarts. Namely in the region around Irondale. Ideally, you spawn at Flea Point: Northern Swamp on the South Sea and then fly briefly to the west.

Click here for the 2nd broom race event © Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment, Inc.

And the third broom race event isn’t that hard to find either. Just fly to the very south of the Highlands: to the Clagmar Coast. For example, you can start at Clagmar Castle and then fly west.

Here you will find the final Broom Race event. © Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment, Inc.

Requirements for improving brooms

Where can I get broom upgrades? All broom upgrades are purchased from Spintwitches Sporting Needs in Hogsmeade.

What broom improvements are there? There are a total of three broom improvements in “Hogwarts Legacy”, but for them you have to do a little preparatory work.

Requirements: You can only obtain and improve a broom once you have passed with Percival Rackham Trial 1 and completed the Flight Test mission. Then you have received your first broom and the salesman Albie Weekes is available to you in Spintwitches Sporting Supplies.

How much do broom upgrades cost in Hogwarts Legacy?

The prices for the improvements vary greatly. So you should have a lot of gold with you!

  • Improve broom to level 1 after the quest Flight Test – Price: 1000 gold
  • Upgrade broom to level 2 after the 2nd broom race event – Price: 3000 gold
  • Upgrade broom to level 3 after the 3rd broom race event – Price: 7500 gold

The broom racing events are completed with Imelda Reyes, who wants to race with you.

Remember that you have to repeatedly fly through the yellow rings on the routes to get a proper boost. If you fly reasonably well, you should even be able to complete the routes the first time.

Level 3 Broom Upgrades. © Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment, Inc.

In the end, upgrading the broomstick is actually pretty easy in Hogwarts Legacy. But there are a few things to take care of and what probably hurts more are the horrendous prices – or what do you think? Mr. Weekes is a real businessman.

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