The Best Broom in Hogwarts Legacy: Is there a high-flyer?

By Heiner Gumprecht - News on 06.03.2023 14:10 Uhr
Hogwarts Legacy So funktioniert das Fliegen mit Besen
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Anyone who plays the action role-playing game Hogwarts Legacy will of course also need a decent broom, after all, as a serious wizard or witch you want to whiz through the open game world in style. And if you’re really self-respecting, you naturally ask yourself: Which is the best broom in the game and where can I find it?

Hogwarts Legacy: The Best Broom in the game, is there such a thing?

You can move around “Hogwarts Legacy” in different ways. Either you do something for your legs and go on foot or you take to the air with a flying animal like the Thestral. Or you can go on a classic plane trip, namely with a broom, the most popular means of transport in the magical world of Harry Potter.

This tool is not only extremely practical, as it is the quickest way to get from A to B, it also looks stylish, can be used in various races and can be partially adapted to your personal requirements. So it’s no wonder that students at Hogwarts are quickly looking for their own broom.

In our guide Find all 13 brooms quickly – locations explained, we tell you which brooms are in “Hogwarts Legacy” and where you can find the flying objects. Only one question remains: Which one is the best broom in the whole game? To be precise, none at all. The brooms only differ visually.

Although they can be found or bought in different places and are all much more stylish than the plain school broom, they still share the same values. None of them are faster, more agile or have a few extra tricks up their sleeves. So everyone has to answer the question asked above for themselves.

If you want to crown a broom, you should probably consider the effort required to get the good piece. For example, the Silver Arrow Broom and the Skyscythe Broom both cost a whopping 5,000 gold, while you can only get the Sparkling Broom if you have popped a full fifteen sets of balloons.

Hogwarts Legacy: Broomstick Flight
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The Best Broom in Hogwarts Legacy: Upgrade your favorite broom three times

Once you have found your favorite broom and officially declared it the best broom in the entire game, you can now make the gem even better. If you’re thirsty for a faster flying broom, follow the secondary mission at Spintwitche’s Sports Supplies in Hogsmeade, where you can earn some nice upgrades.

All you have to do is accept pointing fly challenges and beat the given times. Which isn’t all that difficult, as the time windows for victory are quite generous and just require a bit of practice. After each victory you return to your employer and receive an upgrade.

The best broom in Hogwarts Legacy: Is there a Nimbus 2000?

Of course, quite a few players would like to follow in Harry Potter’s footsteps and would therefore like to be able to fly the famous Nimbus 2000 themselves. But we have to disappoint you, because the model was brand new on the market in Harry’s time, while “Hogwarts Legacy” takes place almost 100 years before the events in the films.

If you want to look and feel more like your role models from books and films, you can use other tricks. For example, those of you who solve the three secrets at Hogwarts can unlock the robes that Ron Weasley had to wear in the fourth Harry Potter film. Deadly, I promise.

If you look at our guide Famous wands in Hogwarts Legacy: Replicating the wands of Harry Potter, Voldemort and Co., you can also find out how you can get the wands of famous characters. Which also applies to the Elder Wand, which you can get like this: Best magic wand in the game, this is how you get it.

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