Hogwarts Legacy: Can I enlarge Beast Dens? – All 4x Vivariums

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In Hogwarts Legacy, you not only fight against black witches and wizards, but can also follow in the footsteps of Newt Scamander by rescuing all kinds of fantastic beasts from poachers and then caring for them in your own animal enclosure.

The space required for this is made available to you in the Room of Requirement. This is known to adapt to your needs and will expand accordingly if required. But what exactly are the animal enclosures like? Here you can find out everything you need to know about the vivariums.

Trivia: When it comes to the animal enclosures in “Hogwarts Legacy”, the term vivarium is sometimes used. This does not originate from the pen of Harry Potter author J.K. Rowling, but refers to a container for living animals in Latin.

How to get your first Beast Dens in Hogwarts Legacy

We can’t blame you if you want to take a look at the Room of Requirement and your beast enclosure as soon as you arrive at the Magic School. But unfortunately, it’s like Christmas: You’ll have to be patient.

To be able to give the trusting creatures a home, you must first make progress in the storyline until you have completed the quest The Elf, the Snapsack and the Loom. Only then will the first animal enclosure be added to the Room of Requirement.

How many vivariums can I have?

Through various missions, you can unlock a total of 4 vivariums, which differ thematically from one another. The following landscapes are ultimately available to you: Forest, Coast, Swamp and Grassland.

You can first obtain the forest enclosure with the above-mentioned quest The Elf the Snapsack and the Loom. Here, your rescued creatures can romp across a lush green meadow surrounded by trees and a river with a waterfall

Hogwarts Legacy: Grass Vivarium
Forest enclosure and access portal © Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment, Inc.

You can unlock the coastal area by successfully completing the side mission House Elf Sorrow. As the name suggests, a beach bordered by massive rocks awaits you here.

Hogwarts Legacy: Coast Vivarium
Coastal portal to the beach © Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment, Inc.

As soon as you have completed the side quest The Foal of Death, another vivarium will be added to the Room of Requirement. The swamp area seems ideal for breeding thestrals, which visibly feel at home here.

Hogwarts Legacy: Sqamp Vivarium
Portal to the Swamp © Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment, Inc.

You will receive the last beast dens once you have completed the Phoenix Departure side mission. As the name suggests, you can catch the phoenix during the task and then release it on the recently unlocked mountain vivarium.

Hogwarts Legacy: Mountain Vivarium
Portal to the pasture with phoenix © Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment, Inc.

Can I enlarge my animal enclosures?

Each of the 4 enclosures is home to 12 animals. However, only 4 different species. So if you want to keep Mooncalf, Niffler, Fwooper, Puffskein and Hippogriff together, for example, you will soon realize that this is not possible. Even if these animals only occupy 5 of the 12 available spaces.

The space in the individual enclosures is limited to 12 and cannot be expanded as the game progresses. However, all 4 vivariums offer you enough space to accommodate all the animal species represented.

Can I breed beasts?

If you successfully complete the side quest Foal of the Dead, you will also have the opportunity to breed other creatures in addition to Thestrals. All you need for this is the breeding station, which you will receive with the mission.

To produce offspring, place the breeding station in an enclosure of your choice and release one male and one female of the desired species. Now go to the station board and select the species you want to breed.

Hogwarts Legacy: Animal enclosure breeding station
At the breeding station you can provide for offspring © Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment, Inc.

Breeding in the magic world is much faster than usual for us. After just 30 minutes, the young animal will be romping through your vivarium. If you can bring yourself to do so, you are of course free to sell both the young animal and other rescued creatures (at a fixed price of 120 galleons).

Why should I breed animals?

Before animal rights activists raise the alarm, it should be explained once again that the only reason the animals in Hogwarts Legacy are captured from the wild is to protect them from poachers. At the same time, you can breed the creatures in the vivariums and thus ensure the preservation of their species.

After successful care, which the animals really enjoy, you will be rewarded with important resources that you can use to improve your equipment. We explain exactly how to do this in this article.

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