Solve the Quiz in Hogwarts Legacy: Sophronia Franklin’s Quiz, all answers

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Hogwarts Legacy: Quiz von Sophronia (Antworten, Lösung, Guide)
© Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment, Inc.

If you want to learn the high art of transformation in Hogwarts Legacy, you must first complete the quiz of the student Sophronia Franklin, otherwise she will not release the book Transformation: The Intermediate Stages, which you need to complete Professor Weasley’s task. Well, yes, at least part of the quiz.

The inquisitive girl actually has three rounds of all kinds of questions ready for you, which get a little harder each time, but luckily you only have to master one round to get the book, which is also a handbook entry in the library extension. If you have problems, you can find all the answers to Sophronia’s questions here.

All answers to Sophronia’s 1st quiz

Question #1

Which magical animal was used in a Quidditch game before the introduction of the Golden Bird?

  • Answer: The Golden Bird

Question #2

Which potion is also known as liquid luck?

  • Answer: Felix Felicis

Question #3

Which magical artifacts are described in the story of the three brothers?

  • Answer: The Deathly Hallows

Question #4

Which ball is the biggest in Quidditch?

  • Answer: The Quaffle

Question #5

True or false: The Polyjuice Potion allows you to change species.

  • Answer: Wrong
Hogwarts Legacy: Quiz of Sophronia (answers, solution, guide)
© Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment, Inc.

All answers to Sophronia’s 2nd quiz

Question #1

Which government agency was the forerunner of the Ministry of Magic?

  • Answer: The Council of Wizards

Question #2

Which type of kite is the smallest?

  • Answer: The Peruvian viper’s tooth

Question #3

Who founded the village of Hogsmeade?

  • Answer: Hengis from Woodcroft

Question #4

The back piece was accidentally created by crossing a ghoul with what other magical creature?

  • Answer: A Femiguise

Question #5

Which spell can be used to ward off a Letifold?

  • Answer: The Patronus spell

Question #6

Who originated the law of elementary transfiguration?

  • Answer: Gamp

Question #7

What is the translation of Hogswart’s motto?

  • Answer: Never tickle a sleeping dragon

Question #8

Which magical creature is the only one that produces eggs in its mouth?

  • Answer: The Runespoor

Question #9

Where is the Ilvermorny School of Witchcraft and Wizardry located?

  • Answer: Mount Greylock

Question #10

What is the most powerful love potion known to the wizarding world?

  • Answer: Amortentia
Hogwarts Legacy: Quiz of Sophronia (answers, solution, guide)
© Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment, Inc.

All answers to Sophronia’s 3rd quiz

Question #1

Emmerich the Evil died in a duel against whom?

  • Answer: Egbert the Monstrous

Question #2

What foul does a hunter commit if he holds the quaffle in his hand while crossing the goal?

  • Answer: Night arches

Question #3

The bite of a Mackelige Malaclaw causes what unusual side effect?

  • Answer: Misfortune

Question #4

Which plant gives off stink juice?

  • Answer: Mimbulus Mimbeltonia

Question #5

Which 12th-century wizard invented the pep potion?

  • Answer: Linfred from Stinchcombe

Question #6

What does the old wizard leave his son in the bouncing pot in “The Wizard and the Bouncing Pot”?

  • Answer: A slipper

Question #7

In which region is the Snallygaster native?

  • Answer: In North America

Question #8

Who is the Muggle knight in “The Fountain of True Happiness”?

  • Answer: Sir Luckless

Question #9

The largest kelpie in the world is also known by what name?

  • Answer: Loch Ness Monster

Question #10

Who was the first Minister of Magic?

  • Answer: Ulick Gamp
Hogwarts Legacy: Quiz of Sophronia (answers, solution, guide)
You can finally learn to transform in class with Professor Weasley. Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment, Inc.

Sophronia’s Quiz: What is the reward?

Basically, the biggest reward for this quiz is just having taken part and won. But you can’t expect much more in return. If you pass the first round, you can use Revelio to visualize the manual entry Transformation: The Intermediate Stages, which is one of Professor Weasley’s requirements to teach you transformation.

Anyone who completes Sophronia’s 2nd quiz must first be content with the pupil’s praise, and anyone who also completes the third round with aplomb will at least receive a small reward for this not unimpressive deed, namely 3x Mega Power Potion, 1x Edurus Potion, 1x Maxima Potion.

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