GTA 5: Wochenend-Event zum „San Andreas Flight School“-DLC angekündigt – Alle wichtigen Infos!

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Rockstar Games haut an diesem Wochenende so richtig auf den Putz. Vom 22. bis 24. August erwarten uns so einige Möglichkeiten schneller aufzuleveln, Geld zu verdienen und exklusive Items zu erspielen. Doch das war noch längst nicht alles. Wir haben alle wichtigen Infos zum "San Andreas Flight School Event".

Erst vorgestern hat Rockstar Games mit dem "San Andreas Flight School"-DLC erneut neue Spielinhalte für GTA 5 veröffentlicht. Wie heute zudem angekündigt wurde, wird es an diesem Wochenende vom 22. bis 24. August ein großes Event zu dieser Erweiterung geben.

Während dem dreitätigen Event könnt ihr euch deutlich mehr RP und GTA$ erspielen. Außerdem könnt ihr euch ein exklusives Parachute Pack sichern. In den In-Game-Shops gibt es zudem Discounts. Weitere Competitions und Giveaways sind ebenfalls mit dabei. Doch das Highlight dürfte an diesem Wochenende das "High Flyer Parachute Pack" sein, das ihr bei Head Ammu-Nation bekommt, wenn ihr die "San Andreas Flight School Event Playlist" erfolgreich absolviert habt. Das und vieles mehr haben wir für euch einmal aufgelistet:

Das "San Andreas Flight School Event" im Detail:

  • EXCLUSIVELY UNLOCKABLE THIS WEEKEND: 'HIGH FLYER' PARACHUTE PACK: This weekend only, you can pick up the exclusive 'High Flyer' Parachute Pack seen in the flyer above, for the skydiver who truly enjoys getting lifted. All you have to do is complete the "San Andreas Flight School Event" Playlist and then head to Ammu-Nation. The High Life Parachute Bag will be available free of charge and, once purchased, you can equip it from your Inventory in the Interaction Menu.
  • GET DOUBLE RP AND DOUBLE GTA$ WHEN PLAYING IN THE SAN ANDREAS FLIGHT SCHOOL EVENT PLAYLIST: As well as the Parachute Pack, you and your wingmen will get double GTA$ and double RP in every Job in the Event Weekend Playlist, win or lose. To get involved, hit the Event button prompt on the GTAV boot screens, or find the Event Weekend Playlist in the Playlists section of the Pause menus, under Rockstar Created.
  • DOUBLE GTA$ FOR AIR RACES AND PARACHUTE JUMPS ALL WEEKEND: Time to put those aviation skills that you honed at the San Andreas Flight School to test in the field and earn double GTA$ in all Air Races and Parachute Jumps. That includes a batch of new Rockstar-Created Jobs published this week specifically for the new aircraft in the San Andreas Flight School Update, plus new Parachute Jumps designed to make use of the new reserve 'chute.
  • – DOUBLE RP FOR FLYING UNDER BRIDGES DURING AIR RACES: Nothing tightens the pucker factor like flying low under one of the many bridges in the San Andreas area. All weekend, such flat-hatting while playing Air Races will get you Double RP. Or it will leave you too dead to worry about the consequences.
  • – EXCLUSIVE DISCOUNTS ON SELECT LUXURY PROPERTIES AND ON AVIATION SERVICES FROM LESTER AND MERRYWEATHER SECURITY: Let's face it: you've not earned your wings only to then have to spend your leisure time slumming at sea level with everyone else. So all weekend, get a 25% discount on the high rise Del Perro Heights Apts 7 & 20 and 0120 Murrieta Heights Properties. Each includes a 10 car garage to store all of your exotic rides befitting a true flyboy, including the brand new Invetero Coquette Classic. Plus, in a rare act of philanthropy, Lester is willing to locate planes and choppers for you all weekend, free of charge. Just give him a call, select 'Locate a Plane' and 'Locate a Helicopter' and ask no questions about ulterior motives. Prefer your choppers manned and delivered? Get half price Helicopter Pickups all weekend courtesy of Merryweather.
  • – DOUBLE RP FOR KILLS AND BONUS GTA$ IN GANG ATTACKS AT AIRPORTS & HANGARS: Gangs have assembled around San Andreas International Airport Hangar, and the Sandy Shores and Grapeseed Airfields. These special Gang Attacks will yield 2X RP and bonus GTA$ all weekend, so get over there and defend America's right to fatuous air travel.
  • – EVENT CRATE DROPS: Your dogfight victims won't be the only things falling from the sky this weekend: look out for special Crate Drops containing extra GTA$, RP bonuses, Miniguns, RPGs and Sticky Bombs between now and Sunday night.
  • – THE #FLIGHTSCHOOL SNAPMATIC CONTEST: Whether it's capturing one of your friend's aerial exploits or the whole Crew about to board the Buckingham Mil-Jet, we're looking for your most inspiring and amusing pictures featuring the new content in The San Andreas Flight School in the #FLIGHTSCHOOL Snapmatic contest. Our favorite five will each win their authors GTA$1M and a MILEHIGH vanity license plate for their in-game vehicles, plus they'll be featured right here on the Newswire. To make your shots eligible for entry, simply log in to Social Club and tag them #FLIGHTSCHOOL between now and the end of Sunday.
  • – THE #FLIGHTSCHOOL CREATOR COMPETITION: The sky is the limit in the Creator contest, where we're looking for user-created Air Races to test even the saltiest pilots. We'll choose 5 favorite Jobs to be Verified and their creators will receive GTA$1M and an exclusive AVIATOR license plate. Just tag your custom-made Air Race Jobs with #FLIGHTSCHOOL in Social Club between now and Sunday night to be eligible in the competition.
  • – EVENT WEEKEND OFFICIAL ROCKSTAR LIVE STREAM: At 4pm this Friday August 22nd, the Rockstar Games Official Event Weekend Live Stream will be on the air, playing brand new content from The San Andreas Flight School Update. We'll be joined by very special guests Little & Cubed aka Martyn Littlewood and Dan Nerdcubed who are preparing some custom challenges featuring the new Flight School planes and vehicles and will be challenging our Rockstar Devs to a live 2v2 dogfight around Los Santos & Blaine County airspace. As usual, Lazlow and the Rockstar Broadcast studio team will be manning the flight deck and we'll be streaming the show across the Social Club Events page, the Rockstar Games Twitch Channel and our YouTube Channel. Make sure to follow us on Twitch and Twitter to get notifications when the stream goes live.
  • – GEAR GIVEAWAY SWEEPSTAKES: We'll be giving away 20 deluxe GTAV & Rockstar T-shirt Prize Packs including the Trevor Philips Industries Tee, San Andreas Federal Reserve Tee, Los Santos Lifeguard Tee, Republican Space Rangers Tee, Bugstars Logo Tee, Los Santos Tee,  the GTAV & V Logo Tee, Kifflom Tee, Rockstar Rolling Long-Sleeve Tee, Rockstar Mason Tee, and the Rockstar Flowers Tee. You can enter to win right now through Sunday at See Official Rules.

Weitere Details zum "San Andreas Flight School Event" findet ihr auf der offiziellen Homepage von Rockstar Games.

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