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Master all 3x Esper duos for Gilgamesh trials: Full guide! – FF7R

By Ben Brüninghaus - News on 27.03.2024 12:49 Uhr
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In Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth there is a secret enemy that has it all: Gilgamesh. But before we can face him in the final battle, we first have to find all the protosubstances in all the regions.

You can only find all protosubstances after your second trip to the Gold Saucer, i.e. after the big musical event in the theater. Only then will the second half of the Cactor Trials in the Corel region be unlocked.

Once you have mastered all the tests, you can finally get started. Gilgamesh invites us to pay him a visit on his island. And we won’t say no?

Before we can start the fight against Gilgamesh, we first have to pass three trials on the island, which are among the most difficult fights in the entire game. In this guide, I’ll explain how you can pass all these battles – including Gilgamesh himself.

Preparation for all fights

To gain the upper hand in these tough battles, we first need to equip ourselves properly. This is essential. Without the right equipment, the whole endeavor will come to nothing, even with the right strategy.

So we first need to take a look at the loadout. What equipment, weapons and materia do we need?

Important: The following equipment works in this form for all 3x battles, and also for Gilgamesh.

We always choose the same three characters for our battles: Cloud, Barret and Yuffie. That’s why we need to equip them now.

Cloud’s equipment: Allrounder

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When you start equipping Cloud, make sure that you have approximately the values shown above. For example, if you have far fewer health points, you probably won’t make it through the battle. However, I have won all my battles with these values, which is why I can highly recommend them. The health points should be over 5000 and so on.

Cloud’s weapons at a glance:

  • Igneous Saber
  • Varvados Bracelet+
  • Gotterdammerung – Increases the limit level to the maximum at the start of battle. Levels up to Cloud’s limit level 3 in the party menu.

Clouds Materia at a glance:

  • HP Up (20%)
  • Vitality (15%)
  • Power (15%)
  • Steadfast Block
  • Deadly Dodge
  • Enemy Skill
  • Healing
  • Fire & Ice
    • Combined with Elemental level 2 to prevent this elemental damage!
  • Revival
  • Limit Siphon

Cloud’s weapon skills at a glance:

  • Limit shock
  • Magic attack +20
  • HP maximum +200

Barret’s equipment: the battle tank

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Barret’s weapons at a glance:

  • Hi-Caliber Rifle
  • Valkyrie Bangle Armor
  • Whistlewind Scarf

Barret’s Materia at a glance:

  • Lightning
    • Combined with Elemental level 2 to prevent this elemental damage!
  • Subversion
  • Barrier (Max.)
    • Combined with Magnify to protect all 3x group members at the same time!
  • Healing
    • Combine with Auto-Cast 
  • MP Up
  • HP Up (20%)
  • Vitality Up (15%)
  • Spirit Up (15%)
  • Speed Up (15%)

Barret’s weapon skills at a glance:

  • Irrevocable blast of fire
  • Continuous fire
  • HP maximum +200

Yuffie’s equipment: the DPS machine

© Square Enix/PlayCentral-Bildmontage

Yuffie’s weapons at a glance:

  • Crystal Cross
  • Garm Bangle
  • Draconic Ring

Yuffies Materia at a glance:

  • Time
    • Combined with Magnify to protect all 3x group members at the same time!
  • Healing
    • Combined with Magic Efficiency to save MP when healing!
  • HP Up
  • MP Up
  • Luck Up (30%)
  • ATB Assist
  • Skill Master
  • Auto-Weapon Ability 
  • First Strike

Yuffie’s weapon skills at a glance:

  • Magic attack +20
  • HP maximum +200
  • Synchronous damage+

You can also choose other accessories, but boosting the limits is actually a must, which becomes clear in the fight against Gilgamesh at the latest (more on this later).

Bear in mind that you should have mastered all the weapon skills of all the characters’ weapons in order to have access to all weapon skills in battle at all times. However, there are a few particularly important skills that I will go into in more detail in the battle descriptions.

Basics for our line-up

There are a few things you need to pay attention to during the battles. First of all, these are important basic tips for our strategy. This immediately raises the question: Why are we actually playing with Cloud, Yuffie and Barret?

  • Barret serves as a tank that absorbs all damage. That’s what his weapon skill Avalanche Credo is for.
  • Yuffie becomes a DPS machine and deals a lot of damage.
  • Cloud serves as an all-rounder who brings Barret back to life in times of need with the Archangel spell.

In all fights, make sure that you always have a barrier activated by Barret. Ideally, you should always use Manawall to absorb both magical and physical damage. This way, your characters can withstand more.

Yuffie is our primary DMG dealer. She uses all her weapon skills such as multiplication and her nin-jutsus to fire from a safe distance.

  • Yuffie should always make sure that the entire team is occupied with Haste so that all ATB bars recharge faster.

Cloud can get many buffs from Materia: Enemy Skill. Not just the wind attack, which strengthens his offense. Plasma Discharge is also useful, as the skill regularly deals damage in the surrounding area. You can get the skill from Quetzalcoatl in the simulator.

  • Cloud can therefore buff himself with the Materia: Enemy Skill. The wind attack strengthens his attacks.
Barret takes the damage and the team gets their health back immediately. © Square Enix/PlayCentral montage

And there’s one more important thing: Barret must always have the weapon skill Avalanche-Credo activated in order to take all damage. In practice, this is more powerful than you might think. And since Barret is our tank in the team, he compensates for a lot of DMG input that comes in.

And yes, all these basic buffs are a must-have in all these fights. So make it a point to always pay attention to your buffs!

Test: Phoenix & Kujata

First of all, don’t let them scare you. The world reports now show an estimate of around level 65, which is ridiculous. With the above skill, you are guaranteed to be able to master the Esper combos from level 48.

We now start with Field Research 3: The Genji equipment. This is theoretically the easiest fight of the three field researches. We fight Phoenix and Kujata in a double pack.

Take a look at the respective Esper in your inventory to learn something about the Esper in advance.

The first fight is so easy because we already cancel out a lot of damage with our equipment. By combining our elemental affinity with fire & ice as well as lightning (mandatory in the armor!), many attacks from Kujata and Phoenix can’t do us any damage at all. That’s why you should definitely equip this materia and bring it to level 2.

Tips for the fight

Phönix: Phönix and Kujata have a very strange dynamic. And surely you already know Phönix? It stands to reason that Phoenix will bring the retired Kujata back onto the field. He ignites the flame of life when Kujata dies.

© Square Enix/PlayCentral-Bildmontage

That’s why you need to concentrate on Phoenix first, you might think. His fire attacks do no real damage to Cloud, so you can send him to the front.

But the whole thing has a huge hitch: Phoenix only takes very little damage. He has something like a shield. This shield disappears once you take out Kujata. So we have to concentrate on Kujata for the time being until he dies and Phoenix draws his life flame.

You can then attack Phoenix, who loses his shield. From now on, he will take full damage. Then take out Phoenix once before sending Kujata to Nirvana again.

Kujata changes the element vulnerability. © Square Enix/PlayCentral montage

Kujata: There’s one thing you have to bear in mind with Kujata. He changes his element. We can use this to deal the primary damage with Yuffie. Simply switch to the opposite element. If Kujata draws the fire element, switch directly to the ice ninjutsu with Yuffie.

Here and there you can also attack Kujata with the weak point magic, such as Eisra in this case, which Cloud has equipped.

Remember the synchronized skills and the limits to deal maximum damage.

If Kujata wants to start his Trisaster, you should create a barrier now at the latest. Select Barret and activate Wall to protect yourself from the large amount of elemental damage.

Beware of this attack: Ignite barriers! © Square Enix/PlayCentral montage

Test: Alexander & Odin

There is a similar dynamic with Alexander and Odin. Here, too, it requires a very special approach.

First of all, everything will remain the same in our ranks. But there is one thing you need to keep in mind. The battle starts with an attack on Odin. When Odin disappears, it’s full focus on Alexander. And when Odin returns, you must attack him again immediately.

Tips for the fight

Odin: In the fight against Odin, you must repeatedly attack with special attacks that have high shock potential. He is a true warrior who is completely unimpressed by lax attacks.

If he gets bored against you, he draws Zantetsuken and your entire team dies in one hit.

That’s why you should use all offensive synchronized skills and all limit breaks on Odin. After all, these are your strongest attacks and will also work against Odin.

Odin is our primary goal. All synchronization skills on it! © Square Enix/PlayCentral montage

You can summon a very strong Esper yourself, for example Neo-Bahamut. The Esper really gives Odin a run for his money. She is his equal.

Alexander: With Alexander, you can really hit the keys with Yuffie and Cloud. Cloud’s plasma charges (enemy skill) regularly do damage. And with Yuffie, it’s easy to dodge Alexander’s attacks, who then deals damage from a distance.

Just watch out for Alexander’s area attacks, some of which cover large areas. He also has lasers that you must not get too close to. Otherwise they will literally fry you!

Shocking implosion blow on Alexander. You can barely miss him. © Square Enix/PlayCentral montage

In addition, the special skill Judgement can inflict a lot of element-neutral magic damage on you. Wall and that’s it!

In theory, this fight is not that difficult. But Odin is the Esper duo’s secret weapon. His Zantetsuken will put an end to all your efforts if you are not careful here.

Test: Titanium & Neo-Bahamut

And now we come to the final test. In my opinion, this is the most difficult of the three battles. But if you’ve made it this far, you can also beat Titan and Neo-Bahamut.

This Esper duo has a very special buff. Both espers have a shield.

  • Neo-Bahamut has a pulse of attack: Neo-Bahamut has a shield that strengthens his attacks.
  • Titan has a pulse of defense: Titan has a shield that boosts his defense immensely.

Tips for the fight

I recommend focusing everything on Neo-Bahamut first, as he simply does too much damage with his shield to be left alone. Titan is a tank, similar to our Barret, and it makes no sense to attack here first, as Neo-Bahamut only has an open field.

His special ability Gigaflare is particularly tough and you don’t want to encounter it in the dark with a DMG boost. So focus on Neo-Bahamut immediately and take out his boosting shield.

When the buff drops, you can directly target his health points and slowly but surely eliminate him.

Neo-Bahamut loves your limits! © Square Enix/PlayCentral montage

When Neo-Bahamut arrives in the shock state, try to ignite all limit breaks to take him out as quickly as possible. Cloud must now fire his Limit Level 3: Final Cut to deal maximum damage.

In addition, the weapon skill: End with Terror is now one of Cloud’s strongest attacks.

Titan will give you a lot of trouble during this time. But try to use Barret on Titan to distract him a little so that Cloud and Yuffie can take the fire dragon apart.

These pulse buffs really are a burden. Even when we have Neo-Bahamut at 0 health, so to speak, the pulse of the attack appears again – and it protects him from all damage one last time.

Pulse of Attack is coming back! © Square Enix/PlayCentral montage

It doesn’t help: now we have to charge up all our abilities one last time and give him a good beating. If you now switch off Pulse of Attack once more, Neo-Bahamut will be defeated for good.

Titan, where are you? And now you can concentrate on Titan for the rest of the fight. Nevertheless, make sure you always have enough health points available, because Titan’s special ability is still very strong, even if he is more of a tank than the two Espers.

To die now would be sheer madness. But with a little concentration, it is possible to eliminate Titan as soon as possible.

Once you have completed all 3x Esperduos, you can go through the large gate and face Gilgamesh. But be careful, he is one of the strongest opponents in the game!

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