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Beat Gilgamesh & get Gilgamesh Materia! – Complete guide – FF7R

By Ben Brüninghaus - News on 27.03.2024 16:15 Uhr
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In Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth there is a super strong secret enemy and he is really dangerous: Gilgamesh is his name and we encounter him again and again during the course of the adventure.

But only one fight is really difficult, which is the main fight against Gilgamesh. This is the grand finale, when we have collected all the protosubstances. Only then will we get to the secret boss: Gilgamesh and be allowed to compete!

Once we have completed the missions with the protosubstances, we have to defeat 3x Esper duos. If you haven’t already done so, please go this way:

And now it’s time to get down to business. Gilgamesh, here we come! In this guide, I’ll explain how to beat Gilgamesh in the grand finale.

Characters & Equipment

To put an end to Gilgamesh for good, we need good equipment. Here in the guide you can see exactly which characters you need to choose and which equipment you should equip with which character so that you can face Gilgamesh successfully.

For the fight against Gilgamesh, we choose the characters: Cloud, Barret and Yuffie. Victory is theoretically possible from level 48 and is quite feasible.

Cloud’s equipment: the limit blaster

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We start with Cloud. He is the limit breaker in this fight. This means that we always make sure that Cloud has his limits up – ideally at Limit Level 3: Final Cut (unlock via the party board). Make sure that your Physical Attack is around 350. You should also have at least 5000 health points. Push in as much defense as your materia allows. However, you should definitely equip the following equipment.

Cloud’s weapons at a glance:

  • Igneous Saber
  • Varvados Bracelet+
  • Gotterdammerung – Increases the limit level to the maximum at the start of the battle. Levels up Cloud’s limit to level 3 in the group menu.

Clouds Materia at a glance:

  • HP Up
  • Vitality Up
  • Strenght Up
  • Steadfast Block
  • Precision Defense Focus
  • Enemy Skill
  • Healing
  • Fire & Ice
    • Combined with Elemental level 2 to prevent this elemental damage!
  • Revival
  • Limit Siphon

Cloud’s weapon skills at a glance:

  • Limit shock
  • Magic attack +20
  • TP maximum +200

Barret’s equipment: the battle tank

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Barret’s weapons at a glance:

  • Hi-Caliber Rifle
  • Valkyrian Bangle Armor
  • Whistlewind Scarf

Barret’s Materia at a glance:

  • Lightning
    • Combined with Elemental level 2 to prevent this elemental damage!
  • Subversion
  • Barrier
    • Combined with Magnify to protect all 3x group members at the same time!
  • Healing
    • Combine with Auto-Cast
  • MP Up
  • HP Up
  • Vitality Up
  • Spirit Up
  • Speed Up

Barret’s weapon skills at a glance:

  • Irrevocable blast of fire
  • Continuous fire
  • TP maximum +200

Yuffie’s equipment: the DPS machine

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Yuffie’s weapons at a glance:

  • Crystal Cross (with all weapon skills learned)
  • Garm Bracelet+
  • Draconic Ring

Yuffies Materia at a glance:

  • Time
    • Combined with Magnify to protect all 3x group members at the same time!
  • Healing
    • Combined with Magic Efficiency to save MP when healing!
  • HP Up
  • MP Up
  • Luck Up
  • ATB Assist
  • ATB Stagger
  • Auto-Weapon Ability
  • First Strike

Yuffie’s weapon skills at a glance:

  • Magic attack +20
  • HP maximum +200
  • HP maximum +200

TP maximum +200

An important factor in this battle is continuous access to the limits. You could choose other accessories, but boosting the limits is a must-have.

Cloud absolutely needs Limit Break Level 3: Final Cut, which deals devastating damage and not only that: we also use the limits because they have great shock potential.

This Materia is a must-have. © Square Enix/PlayCentral montage

Cloud must therefore have the Materia: Limit Union in his repertoire. This allows him to drag incomplete limits from other characters onto his own limit bar. This allows Cloud to access the limit faster and in emergency situations he can get a small limit boost. And these emergency situations will come, I promise!

Also bear in mind that you should have mastered the weapon skills of all weapons in order to have access to all weapon skills at all times. There are a few particularly important skills, such as Barret’s Avalanche Credo skill. You need this skill to be 100% active at all times, as it draws damage from Cloud and Yuffie onto Barret. As the party’s tank, this is essential.

Our team line-up

Now there’s one more little hint before we can fully dive into the fight. We choose Cloud, Yuffie and Barret. But what exactly is the team formation and what do I need to pay attention to?

  1. Barret is our tank: He must always have the Avalanche Credo skill active so that he can absorb damage for the team. This is the only way Cloud and Yuffie can work unhindered and deal damage.
Barret helps the team! © Square Enix/PlayCentral montage

And Barret has another task. He has to buff the team. Make sure that the Barrier Materia is always ignited when it is about to run out again. It is therefore best to cast the spell: Manawall.

  1. Yuffie is our DPS machine: she deals maximum damage. To do this, use all her weapon skills alternately: Amplify and Ninjutus should always be active. She should also always buff the team with Haste.

Alongside Cloud, Yuffie deals the most damage. In terms of weapon skills, she has a lot of skills that can buff her. You should always have these active and, above all, always use them alternately so that the Materia ATB Stagger (boost through alternating commands) works. You can also use alternating commands to boost their strongest attack: Breach & Dispel. If you then ignite it with 2x charges, you deal a lot of damage with it at once. That’s always the goal with Yuffie

Important for quick commands! © Square Enix/PlayCentral montage
  1. Cloud is the all-rounder: he keeps Gilgamesh busy. And he has another big task. His limits must always be available to stop Gilgamesh’s special attack “Final Fantasy”.

Clouds Materia: Enemy Skill strengthens him with a wind attack that immediately buffs his offensive attack. He also regularly deals damage with Plasma Charge (from Quetzalcoatl).

Apart from that, Cloud has many weapon skills such as Pulse Slash, which increase Gilgamesh’s shock bar. The most important function is the correct use of his limits so that he interrupts “Final Fantasy” (more on this later).

Final note: Take a few panaceas with you (synthesize them) that can heal all debuffs at once. Of course you can use potions and ether in battle, and you should.

Gilgamesh’s hour has come!

Let the fighting begin! If you are equipped and mentally prepared for the fight, you can now go for Gilgamesh. I wish you good luck and success. Let it rip!

In theory, the fight itself is not that difficult. And yet, in a way, it is one of the most difficult fights in the game.

The fight against Gilgamesh! © Square Enix/PlayCentral montage

Buff, Buff, Buff

Make sure that your team is always fully buffed. This has top priority (!) and should never be neglected. No matter what is happening:

  • Barret must always have his credo active,
  • Barret should always have conjured up Manawall,
  • Yuffie should always have conjured up Haste,
  • Cloud should always have his attack buffed,
  • and the group life points should always be healed quickly!

Memorize this well, because without these buffs you won’t win the fight.

Gilgamesh’ weapon rotation

Now we need to know that Gilgamesh has access to 9x different weapons, which he is constantly updating – including the destructive Excalibur.

Gilgamesh changes his play style depending on his weapon, so he always has new attacks. But in the end, all his attacks are easy to block. You can also dodge many of them directly. Always look out for the names above his head, which indicate an attack in advance.

He has a lot of blades! © Square Enix/PlayCentral montage

But be careful: Gilgamesh can debuff your party members, which is particularly annoying because of the frog. So if you notice that Gilgamesh has hit you with this debuff, one of your characters must immediately have an antidote ready. The panacea is ideal here.

Gilgamesh’ Buffs

Gilgi, our new buddy, is not only pretty strong in offense. He also has an extremely powerful defense. You therefore need to keep an eye on Barret’s Subversion Materia. You can use it to cast the spell: Dispel, which instantly removes all of Gilgamesh’s buffs.

This is really important, as Gilgamesh’s Manawall means that you hardly deal any damage.

These are his buffs. Time for Bann! © Square Enix/PlayCentral montage

So if you see that Gilgi is buffed, you have to cast the spell and only then should you attack again to be able to deal the full damage. Anything else will only cost you time and nerves.

Final Fantasy

The countdown is on: When Gilgamesh starts counting “5..4..3..2..1…”, it’s time to get down to business! This is your starting signal to pay particular attention.

Now you have to pool all your resources and try to shock him. If you don’t succeed, you will probably die.

The countdown is the starting signal for you! © Square Enix/PlayCentral montage

The “Final Fantasy” attack is Gilgamesh’s strongest attack and he can destroy you in one hit. You can only fend off this attack by shocking him.

Now it’s time: Play all synchronized skills and limits that have a high shock potential. The prime example is the level 3 Limit Break: Finishing Touch. So use Limit Siphon to give Cloud as many limit points as possible and then fire!

On top of that, there are many offensive weapon skills such as Cloud’s Pulse Slash or Barret’s Shock Shot, which have shock potential. Use these too, while Yuffie is a real shock machine anyway.

When he starts Finale Fantasy, all is lost. © Square Enix/PlayCentral montage

Attack repelled, now what? If you shock Gilgamesh, the countdown will start counting down again at some point. You must therefore save up your synchronization points and limit points until this point. Only then can you go full throttle again.

Conversely, this means that we must not make a mistake now. If he is shocked, DO NOT ignite all the limits. You need them for the next countdown. Unless, of course, you are 100% sure that he has to go now! Then it’s ok.

All rewards at a glance

Congratulations if the battle is now successfully behind you. With this guide, you should be able to defeat Gilgamesh. I made it to level 49 this way.

If you still have any problems, please let us know in the comments if we can help you. But what’s the point of all this fun? Is the fight against the Secret Boss: Gilgamesh worth it?

First of all, after what feels like a million protosubstances, you finally get the summoner materia: Gilgamesh – this is a very, very strong materia, you’ve just experienced it for yourself?

The Genji armor. © Square Enix/PlayCentral montage

And that’s not all: you also get a special synthesis chip with which you can create Genji’s armor. This includes the following items.

  1. Genji Gloves: Increases damage to over 9,999.
  2. Genji Earrings: Increases damage by 15%, but also increases damage taken by 15%.
  3. Genji Ring: Reduces damage taken by 15%, but also reduces damage dealt by 15%.

The Genji bracer is legendary and is one of the strongest items in the entire game. Especially in the lategame or on the difficulty level: Hard, it is possible to deal more than 9,999 damage with this piece of jewelry. So it’s a real stunner!

You will also gain access to Chadley’s last Materia:

  • Swiftcast: Reduces the preparation time for spells
  • Reraise: Gives guardian angels
  • Gambler: Gil Dmg
  • Limit Support: Own limit points are redistributed to the team
© Square Enix/PlayCentral-Bildmontage

And last but not least, there are new challenges in the Chadley simulator. These legendary challenges are only available if you defeat Gilgamesh in this unique battle. Otherwise, they will remain hidden from you forever.

Incidentally, you need these legendary challenges on the simulator to complete Johnny’s collection with all the exhibits.

As you can quickly see, there is a whole range of rewards, which is why the fight is definitely worthwhile. On top of that, you will have mastered one of the most difficult fights in the game and will receive a Silver Trophy: The Legendary Swordmaster, which you need for the Platinum Trophy.

And the Silver Trophy: Materia Perfectionist can also only be obtained after this battle, as this is the only way to access Chadley’s Materia from the Medirian Ocean.

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