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Treasure Map: Find all 3 parts for the Chocobo Carriage in Junon – Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth

By Ben Brüninghaus - News on 03.03.2024 10:18 Uhr
© Square Enix

There are a few missions in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth that demand a lot from our thinking apparatus. Most jobs are completed quickly, but with a special job we literally become Sherlock Holmes.

In this solution you will learn everything about the special mission from the Junon region: a way out of the misery. We’ll tell you how to correctly interpret the treasure map and where you have to look for the 3 parts for the Chocobo carriage.

Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth: Mission in the Junon Region

Why is this order so important? The quest A Way Out of Misery unlocks travel between regions. You help the owner of the local chocobo farm build a carriage. And with this car you can now move with your troops to old regions such as the grassland region.

So if you still have open orders or want to do other things in the old regions, you should complete this mission successfully.

© Square Enix

The basic requirement is that you first catch the mountain Chocobo Belle, which you can find near the Chocobo Farm. Complete the stealth stage and get on the mount to finally reach the wagon builder via the large markings on the mountains.

The wagon builder gives us the following card and this is where things get a little trickier. The aim is to find a total of three materials for the carriage builder so that he can finish building the carriage.

© Square Enix

Find all three treasures in the Junon region!

If you’re new to the chocobo business and don’t know much about searching on the chocobo, it doesn’t matter at all. Our map sections show you easily and understandably where to look for the 3 parts. Simply go to the location shown and perform the Chocobo spell.

In the end, you have to search for it near a treasure using the direction button (up) in order to finally be able to pick up the treasure with the direction button (down). Even with the exact location you have to do at least the latter.

The first component: exact location

We find the first component a little further north of where we got our Mountain Chocobo, on a pile of stones. It’s quite easy to find.

© Square Enix
© Square Enix

The second component: exact location

Now we move on to the second component. A little further north of this point you will see two small houses on the map. First run or ride to the two houses on the map.

© Square Enix

You can find the component exactly between the house and the tree without leaves. Use the chocobo friend to peck very carefully at the edge of the stone so that you can also hold the second piece in your hands.

© Square Enix

The third component: exact location

The third component is a little more difficult to find, but with our map it’s still child’s play. Ride a little east from the second point. On the map you can see an area with tiles. This is the platform under which we must search.

© Square Enix

The third and final component sits right on the edge of the fence. So you don’t need to go up there or anything like that. Just ride to the fence and pick up the good piece.

Then we go back to the wagon builder, who prepares everything before we can hand the order over to the chocobo farm.

© Square Enix

Congratulations! You can now ride back and forth between the individual regions. If you have any further questions, feel free to ask them in the comments.

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