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The Pirate King’s Treasure Map: All 4x Relic Locations in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth

By Ben Brüninghaus - News on 18.03.2024 11:24 Uhr
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In Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth, there is a mission that sends us on a search for the Pirate King’s Treasure. And it’s not so easy to find, while the finds are also guarded by powerful creatures. But where are the relics you’re looking for hiding? And how should I interpret the Pirate King’s Map?

In this guide you will learn everything about the individual relics and where exactly you can find them.

Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth: Corsair’s Compass

When we set off from the Nibel region and hurtle back to the Gold Saucer, the Tiny Bronco unfortunately makes a small crash landing, which quickly transforms it into a boat. And then it’s not even a few minutes before we find ourselves in Costa del Sol. Here we make an exciting discovery.

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What have we got there? We find a crate right on the landing that is hard to miss. If you open it, you will receive the pirate treasure map.

The task: We have to find 4x pirate relics in the Meridian Ocean. This will allow us to create a legendary item that the Pirate King himself carried with him. And this is only possible if we find all the relics and synthesize the Corsair’s Compass. We get in the crate:

  • Pirate treasure map
  • Synthesis chip: Compass of the Pirate King

When we open the synthesis, we see the Pirate King’s compass under Accessories.

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This Pirate King’s Compass has a special ability. It increases the ATB bar to 3x bars for a short time if we have used 5x commands. This makes sense for Yuffie, for example, who has a very strong ability that requires 3x ATB bars.

And that’s not all: the Pirate King’s compass lets us find more treasures. So it is an extremely exciting affair to search for the relics and create the compass.

Compass of the Pirate King: All locations of the Corsair’s Compass

Where can I find the pirate relics? You can find all the relics in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth in a single region: Meridian Ocean. This is the sea that lies between the Corel region and the Junon region. So there’s no point in searching in other places with the Tiny Bronco. Especially as there are only a few places where we can travel by water with her anyway.

Pirate Relic α – Pirate Relic Alpha

The first location is the Secret Pirate’s Grotto α and it is well hidden at the very edge of the middle ocean. Sail straight south as seen from Costa del Sol.

The first cave is located a little to the south of the jetty that leads us to the Gongaga region. Drive around the pile of stones and look out for the glowing red circle. You can dock here and get out to reach a secret area.

© Square Enix/PlayCentral-Bildmontage
© Square Enix/PlayCentral-Bildmontage

A marauding ogre is waiting for you. It has quite a lot of energy with around 50,000 HP, but it has a major weakness, which is why the fight is actually quite easy. Equip some ice materia beforehand and hit him with ice or ice ra. He doesn’t like that at all, so you can put him into shock pretty quickly.

Just make sure that you finish the fight very quickly, otherwise he will get stronger and stronger over time. Plundering Ogre also drops Star Shards, a very rare and useful item for Synthesis.

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You can then climb up the wall behind the ogre and pick up the first pirate relic α before sailing on. You should definitely not forget this!

Pirate Relic β – Pirate Relic Beta

Now we have to take a little trip around the world. We’re going across the globe, or just across the sea. We have to sail east with the wonderful Tiny Bronco.

You will find the second relic in the extreme south-east of the map. There is a small bay below Junon that we have to sail into. Secret Pirate’s Grotto β borders the Junon region, but can only be reached by sea. I hope my screenshots can help you find the destination as quickly as possible.

© Square Enix/PlayCentral-Bildmontage
© Square Enix/PlayCentral-Bildmontage

But before we can pick up the second relic, we have to get rid of the troublemaker. His name is the Demon Buccaneer and he’s a bit pissed off.

There are only two things you should be aware of here. It has a great weakness to fire. So equip all the fire materia you have. You can also make him vulnerable to shock if he goes into counter stance. He is vulnerable during this time. So fire up and full ignition!

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Pirate relic γ – Pirate relic Gamma

The third relic is now waiting to be picked up. So now we have to make a detour to the west of the local ocean. You’ll find the pirate relic γ a little way north of Costa del Sol.

To be precise, the Secret Pirate Grotto γ is located in the north-east of Costa del Sol. Drive into the small opening by the large pile of stones. Then you will find the jetty a few meters further up.

You can also drive into this bay from above if you are traveling north. This is just as possible.

© Square Enix/PlayCentral-Bildmontage
© Square Enix/PlayCentral-Bildmontage

Now it’s time to get Hueyatlcoatl out of the way. This is the gunner of the pirate ship who caused terror for the pirate king from the air.

As is so often the case with birds in FF7R, the weakness to air magic also applies here. So equip your air materia and shoot the bird out of the sky, I would say, if it wasn’t fighting on the ground all the time anyway.

Discharged and charged: Hueyatlcoatl constantly switches between two states in battle. Discharged and charged. When he enters the charged state, you must ignite your strongest air magic, which will clear this state. This is extremely important, as otherwise he will release powerful electric shocks in the charged state.

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Pirate relic δ – Pirate relic Delta

All good things come in fours? So off we go to the fourth and final relic, the pirate relic δ. Luckily, this good thing is just around the corner, so we don’t have to travel that far from Gamma.

You will find the Secret Pirate Grotto δ in the north-east of the last grotto. It is located at the upper end of the local rock formation before you see the open ocean to the north.

You just have to look very carefully not to miss the entrance, but with the following pictures and location it should be no problem. It is the last entrance at the northern stone formation.

© Square Enix/PlayCentral-Bildmontage
© Square Enix/PlayCentral-Bildmontage

The last fight is against Sea Dragon. Here the name says it all. We fight a dragon that has gone wild and is shrouded in flames.

However, he has a weakness to lightning magic. Equip all Blitz Materia and confront him with Blitzra, that’s basically enough.

Just watch out for the fiery roar with which he wants to light a fire under your digital butt. During this attack phase, you can poison him, for example with the Bio-Materia, which interrupts the fiery roar. The fight is over quite quickly.

© Square Enix/PlayCentral-Bildmontage
© Square Enix/PlayCentral-Bildmontage

Once you have collected all the relics, you can synthesize the Corsair’s Compass on the spot. Congratulations! You have the Pirate King’s treasure in your hands and can use it in the game from now on.

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