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By Ben Brüninghaus - News on 20.02.2023 13:01 Uhr
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There are many puzzles in Hogwarts Legacy that can challenge us a lot. The treasure maps in particular are particularly interesting and often represent a real mystery.

But no worry. With us you will receive answers to all difficult questions. Our complete solution leaves no question unanswered and if you still don’t know what to do, just write to us in the comments!

This solution is all about the Musical Map that needs to be mastered as part of the Solved by the Bell quest.

Find a Musical Map – Where should I look?

You can find the side mission at the following point on the map at the cape at the mansion. The side mission can be started here once you have found the hidden map.

Hogwarts Legacy: Solved by the Bell (Musical Map) - Solution, Guide, Location
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It is in Henrietta’s Hideout. For example, if you have approached The Hippogriff marks the spot, you will normally come across the map.

In Henrietta’s Hideout you will have to deal with a wall that wants to eat you all the time. Here, simply use the spell Arresto Momentum to disable the wall for a second. Then you can pass!

After the hippogriff statue in the last room there is a secret stone wall. Just run over her and she will disappear. Here you can find the treasure map with the musical illustration. Do we have to go to music class at Hogwarts now? Luckily not!

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Musical Map solution, here’s how!

However, the solution to the puzzle does not wait in the same place. To do this you first have to follow the map, which clearly sends us to the Clagmar coast.

To be more precise, it’s best to spawn at Clagmar Castle (see map) and take a look around the castle.

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On the inside of the ruins you will find strange bells hanging on the first floor. These are the bells from the treasure map, which means, like, we have to play a song. And that won’t necessarily be easy!

But don’t worry: we don’t have to read any music, because the bells immediately symbolize the music on the card. So the bells themselves (from bottom to top) are a musical scale.

Basically all we have to do is let the bells ring in the right order.

Important: There is one thing to note, however. There are half notes and there are full notes. The black ones are the half notes that you play briefly. And the hollowed notes are the full notes that you play long.

You simply play short notes with a standard spell (R2) and long notes with a real spell (for example Depulso).

So we could now play one note after the other, but to be on the safe side, we have included the correct order with a note below. Standard spells are marked in red and real spells are marked in blue.

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If you played the song correctly, the quest is solved and the treasure is waiting for you!

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