Reach the Highest Point of the Castle in Hogwarts Legacy – Solution

By Ben Brüninghaus - News on 16.02.2023 11:40 Uhr
© Warner Bros./Avalanche Studios/

Are you currently on the hunt for the platinum trophy in Hogwarts Legacy, but you’re still missing a few bronze trophies here and there? Then you’ve come to the right place.

To get the bronze Beautiful View trophy, we have to reach the highest point of the castle and this is not possible at any time.

In this walkthrough, we’ll tell you everything you need to know to master this challenge. And if you need more help, take a look at our walkthrough for the game.

Highest point of the castle – Hogwarts Legacy

When can I reach the highest point of the castle? This is only possible in the course of a main mission after you have assumed the form of the principal and found out the password for his office.

At the latest now it’s “Enter the principal’s office”, where you have to do the following: “Find the book in the principal’s office”.

During this mission, you will gain access to the office in question and you can only walk to the highest point of the castle from here.

Now we can enter the principal’s office with the password. Warner Bros./Avalanche Studios/

To get to this point, you first have to run up the Grand Staircase with the green lanterns during the main mission. In the room with the statues, turn left and leave the locked key door on your right alone for now.

Now you can finally say the password at the gargoyle, which you couldn’t do before. And then you’re in the principal’s office.

Where exactly is the highest point?

But there is a sense of disillusionment. Because despite the fact that we are now very high up in Hogwarts Castle, it doesn’t seem to be the highest point.

The principal’s office is not yet the highest point in the castle. Warner Bros./Avalanche Studios/

We still have to do something to get the trophy. A locked door is waiting for us on the left-hand side (from the entrance), which we can only open with Alohomora level 2. You can find out how to do this in this solution.

If you can open the door now, go up another flight of stairs. And oh wonder, another locked door!

This time, Alohomora level 3 is required and since you probably already know how to improve the spell, we recommend that you take another look at our guide with all the Demiguise Statues. We’ll give you a clear overview of how to get all the moons quickly.

Alright now! Once we have cracked the level 3 lock, the time has finally come. The highest point in the castle has been reached. Isn’t the view wonderful?

This is the highest point in the castle in Hogwarts Legacy. © Warner Bros./Avalanche Studios/
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