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By Ben Brüninghaus - News on 15.02.2023 12:44 Uhr
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There are a few tricky puzzles in Hogwarts Legacy that really challenge our thinking. That’s why you’ll find various help and solutions for the game on that can be helpful to you as a student.

This guide is about the chess puzzle, which is located in the south of the world map in the so-called Highlands. But what does it mean and how can we solve it?

South Highlands Chess Puzzle – Solution

Where is the chess puzzle? In order to quickly get to the puzzle in question, you first have to explore the southern half of the highlands. Once you have revealed a large part of the map, you can start directly at the next point.

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Travel to Floo Flame: Phoenix Mountain Cave on Poidsear Coast (far northeast of the south). From there you head east. Here you will find a treasure vault not far away that you have to enter.

How do I get into the treasure vault? In order to even get into the treasure vault, you have to have learned the spell Depulso. Place it on the two pillars that stand in front of the barrier. You have to hit each pillar five times in quick succession.

Once the barriers have been pulled all the way back, they remain permanently behind. Here you don’t need a hold spell or anything like that.

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Once we get to the basement, we have to finish a chess game. And that’s not that easy because the figures can’t be moved at all. So what to do?

How do I solve the chess puzzle? First of all, you have to transform the strange chair that stands at the edge of the playing field. And yes, you heard correctly. With the spell Transformation, which is the basic requirement for this task, you can transform the chair into an interactive figure. Without this figure it doesn’t work.

The chair transforms into a knight, a classic chess figure. The task now is to checkmate the king with the color black. Therefore position the knight on our picture as follows.

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You use the Wingardium Leviosa spell to move the pawn so that the king can no longer go in a single direction. AND – and this is important when it comes to placement – that it is forced to move. It is therefore checkmate because every direction is covered by white.

Congratulations! You have solved the chess puzzle. As always, there is of course a nice reward as a thank you.

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