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Queen’s Blood: My Destroyer deck wins against all level 5 opponents – Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth

By Ben Brüninghaus - News on 11.03.2024 12:01 Uhr
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Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth features the card game Queen’s Blood. However, this is not so easy to master, especially at the beginning of the game, if you are still quite new to the game.

In this solution, I will show you my card deck with which I have won almost all games in the midgame. With this deck, you can even beat all level 5 Queen’s Blood opponents (guaranteed). And it’s also possible to fight even stronger opponents.

Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth: General information about the card game

One important piece of information in advance: You don’t necessarily have to play all Queen’s Blood games if you can’t complete them. You will always get to the point where you can travel back to the regions. This means that you can complete the matches in the Grasslands region later and so on.

Ich empfehle, zu warten, bis ihr die die Corel-Region erreicht. Denn in Gold Saucer und Under Saucer könnt ihr ein paar sehr gute Karten erwerben und freispielen, die ihr für dieses Deck benötigt.

It’s best to always buy all booster packs when you reach a new region so that you don’t miss out on any important cards for your deck.

My deck of cards in Queen’s Blood

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Here you can see my card deck, which I used to defeat all opponents between level 3 and level 5. First of all, you don’t need to own all the cards in this deck. I’ll explain how the basic mechanics behind it work and how you can swap individual cards.

Get important cards for destroyer strategy!

You should first complete the side mission in Kalm, which will reward you with the map: Titan. You can start the mission in Kalm on the notice board. Then complete the side mission in full.

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Titan is very important, as the card raises neighboring squares by +2 square points and this simply offers many possibilities for subsequent moves.

You can get the Chocobo & Mogry card and the Mogry Trio at the Card Carnival in Costa del Sol (solution to the card puzzle). And yes, you can still take part in the Carnival of Cards even if you have already left Costa del Sol. Simply travel there again at any time and get started!

Also check out the Corel region, where you can get the voracious land worm. The same applies to the Joker, which you can unlock in Under Saucer (fight against the BdK opponents here).

Then you get the cards Greathorn and Griffon. They can destroy and overwrite cards that have already been placed, which is why I have 2x Greathorn in this deck.

The rest is more of a minor matter. Dio is super strong and easy to obtain – exchange it for points at the store in Gold Saucer: Battle Square.

I also recommend the Ark Dragon and the Bulldozer, which always make for great card moves. And the destroyer ability is a must-have for our destroyer strategy.

You can also swap Sephiroth and Great Morbol for more Beginner cards or a second Landwurm (or a second Guardsman). However, the Great Morbol is very strong if you have it!

How does the deck work?

Now you have to read these instructions carefully. But I’ll try to keep it as simple as possible. A regular move with my deck looks like this.

The premise is that we play the Landworm and the Joker (or Dio) as quickly as possible, as they feed on destroyed cards. Each time a card is destroyed, these cards receive bonus points.

Therefore, the key cards must be placed far back in the backline so that they can benefit from the battle at a safe distance. Everything clear so far?

What does such a move look like?

To place the land worm in the middle, you must first create a 3-space in the middle line. Always place the guardsman at the top and the Kalmwolf at the bottom (if possible) to create a 3-space for the Landworm right at the start of the round.

Not the best opener, but the land worm is out! © Square Enix/PlayCentral montage

If you don’t succeed, see if you can’t play Titan (see picture above) or Chocobo & Mogry quickly. With Ark Dragon it is also possible to create a field of 3 towards the back. You then have to place it in the middle line in the 2nd row, then it creates field upgrades towards the back.

And the rest is really just a formality. Bear in mind that the Joker works in a similar way to the Landwurm and feeds on destroyed cards. So the Joker is always an alternative. And Dio also has such an ability.

In the midgame, you should then play Titan at the very latest, which raises fields by two field points. In addition, the Mogry trio always offers fun opportunities, as this card spawns two additional cards for you. And the good Dio can expand fields in all directions, which should never be underestimated.

Big Morbol to the front is devastating. Here only in the lower line, but at least 2x maps destroyed. © Square Enix/PlayCentral montage

If you already have the Great Morbol, you can place it at the front line (preferably in the middle) and deal a devastating blow to all enemies in front of it. A real stinker that weakens every square by 6 points. This destroys most cards instantly.

What does the lategame look like?

In the lategame, you now have to destroy your beginner cards like the Guardsman or the Kalmwolf by placing destroyer cards like Greathorn.

You can also place a Greathorn or Griffon on cards like the Mogry cards (or even replace the Chocobo & Mogry) if the opportunity arises.

Don’t forget that they don’t just destroy old cards (good for Landwurm and Joker). They can also open up new fields to the front and completely take over enemy fields, for example. Take advantage of this!

Many destroyed cards bring endless points for Joker and Landworm. © Square Enix/PlayCentral montage

I can assure you that you will beat all players in the entire midgame with this deck and this strategy. We were able to almost completely destroy the level 4 opponent Cameron with this strategy in the example above (see pictures), leaving him with hardly any points left at the end.

It is therefore advisable to wait until you have the important maps from the Corel region before you start the majority of the battles. From then on, you can go full throttle and take them all on!

If you have any questions about my deck or the Destroyer strategy, just ask them in the comments. I wish you happy card playing!

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