Properly hatch Eggs in Palworld: Everything about hatching eggs with an Incubator

By Ben Brüninghaus - News on 24.01.2024 14:53 Uhr
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In Palworld, similar to Pokémon, there is the possibility of finding Eggs and hatching them. But it’s not that easy at the beginning because there are various little things to take into account.

In this Palworld guide, we’ll tell you what you should keep in mind when hatching eggs and how the whole thing actually works. Because that is of course not possible without further ado.

Palworld: Basic requirement for breeding

How can I hatch eggs? Hatching eggs in Palworld is linked to a technology, an ancient technology to be precise.

To unlock Ancient Technology, we need certain points for the Ancient Technology skill tree. In this solution you will learn how to get enough points to unlock:

  • Here you can find out what Ancient Technology is all about!

If you now have the first skill points, you can theoretically start. Now you have to unlock level 7 “Ancient Technology” in the technology tab on the far right to gain access to the Incubator structure.

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You now meet the basic requirements for hatching eggs in Palworld.

Next step: build an incubator!

Now we continue with the construction of the incubator. Gather all necessary materials. The items include:

  • 10x Paladium Fragment
  • 5x Fabric
  • 30x Stone
  • 2x Antique Partition

Except for the Antique Partition, all items can be obtained quite quickly. Find a suitable place in your base and set up the incubator. Remember that you can also build several incubators to hatch several eggs at the same time.

Incubator says: Let the eggs hatch!

Now you can easily place your Pal eggs in the finished incubators. This applies to all eggs that you can find on the islands. Except for the normal, white eggs. You can’t hatch them.

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Which eggs can I hatch?

You can gradually hatch all the eggs you find in the game. The eggs you can hatch have a very distinctive color. For example, a common egg is striped. Then there is the green egg, a juicy green egg. And then there is, for example, an egg that looks like it’s burning. This is the Hot Egg.

  • Common Egg
  • Scorching Egg
  • Verdant Egg
  • Rocky Egg
  • Dragon Egg
  • Dark Egg
  • Electric Egg
  • Damp Egg
  • Frozen Egg

Once you have placed the eggs in the respective incubator, all you have to do is wait and drink tea! The waiting time is around 7 to 10 minutes. This varies depending on the egg. There are even eggs that take several hours, such as the Giant Dragon Egg, which takes up to 2 hours. When the eggs are finally hatched, you will have a new Pal, which you will then find in the Pal Box.

Where can I find eggs?

The eggs are scattered everywhere in the game world. They spawn randomly, which is why there is no exact location of the eggs. At this point we will show you again what things you need to pay attention to.

If you see a small nest that looks exactly like the one in our picture, you have an egg that you can hatch.

The eggs are in nests. © Pocketpair/

If you are in the midgame, you can also ensure a further supply of eggs. All you need is a breeding stable. Then place a male and a female specimen of the same Pal genus in the breeding pen and wait a bit. This means you can easily get new eggs over time without having to go looking.

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