Palworld: How do I get Wheat Seeds? – Guide with tips

By Ben Brüninghaus - News on 23.01.2024 11:28 Uhr
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There are a few useful Pals in Palworld that will make everyday life in your camp easier. They always give you a hand and help you with your work. And not only that! Every now and then they also bring useful items that we can really use.

Including the highly sought-after Wheat Seeds, which cannot be found everywhere in the open game world.

In this guide we will explain to you how you can get wheat seeds in order to grow real Wheat from them!

Where to find Wheat Seeds in Palworld?

To grow Wheat we need wheat seeds. These are seeds for growing wheat. You can find these seeds at Pals, but you can also purchase them from dealers.

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But this special seed is well hidden. He is protected by pals, you could say.

This is a helping bunny named Flopie. And you only meet Flopies in very specific areas on the map. Here we show you Flopie’s habitat in the picture, which should help you.

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Find Flopie, a little tip!

Flopie Pals are really useful fellows who give us a hand in the base. You have many skills.

The individual suitability of Flopie in detail:

  • Planting
  • Handiwork
  • Gathering
  • Medicine Production
  • Transporting

However, if you haven’t found a Flopie yet, here’s a little tip with a big impact for you!

It’s possible that the poachers are holding Flopie captive. So keep an eye out for Poacher Camps and free your captured buddy as quickly as you can!

These poachers are holding a Flopie captive! © Pocketpair/

Once you free your first Flopie, it will be much easier to find more Flopies on the map. So it’s really worth taking a look here.

This is what a flopie looks like! © Pocketpair/

Remember that you can also assign a Flopie to work in the base so that they can do the Seeding for you!

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