Palworld: Breed Anubis and get it early in the game, here’s how!

By Ben Brüninghaus - News on 01.02.2024 15:04 Uhr
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The Pal Anubis is actually a late game boss in Palworld that you can only fight and defeat around level 45 – 50. But there is a trick that you can get earlier in the game and that is via your own breeding farm.

In this solution we will explain to you how you have to proceed in order to breed Anubis under guarantee. If you follow the steps below, you’ll be able to welcome Anubis as your own Pal in no time. And in the early game, we promise!

Build a breeding farm in Palworld

First of all, we need a normal breeding farm. If you have already built these, you can skip this section and continue reading the next chapter.

To be able to build a breeding farm, you must reach level 19. Then unlock the technology in the corresponding technology tab.

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The breeding farm requires the following items, which you can build in your base with these raw materials:

  • 100x Wood
  • 20x Stone
  • 50x Fiber

The basic ingredient for hatching: Cakes!

In order to be able to put the breeding farm into operation, you now have to worry about the supply of cakes. It sounds strange, but in Palworld it is a prerequisite for the Pal to even start making love, so to speak.

We have to bake a cake and for this we need five different ingredients. It makes sense to let these items graze around your base, as collecting these resources for a single cake would take far too long.

That’s why it’s better to farm them in the pasture, as the Pals gradually drop new items.

So catch the following Pals and place them in your pasture so that supplies for your Cakes are secured.

Chikipi for the eggs

First up is the chicken pal called Chikipi. You can find this in each of the different starting areas and you’ve probably already seen it? Nevertheless, we’re including Chikipi’s entire habitat here again so that nothing can go wrong!

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Chikipi ensures that your cake has the necessary amount of eggs. Once you have caught one, place it in your base for grazing.

Mozzarina for the milk

To get the delicious milk for a cake, you need a Mozzarina. You can find the Pal cow’s habitat here in our picture. Ride or fly to this spot and look for the cow.

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It actually grazes everywhere here and is not difficult to catch. If you’re level 19, as required by the breeding farm, it’s fine.

Beegarde for the honey

Now we need a Pal that can make honey. The only Pal that is suitable for this is the Beegarde. In this picture we show you where you can find the Beegarde.

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But beware! These nasty beasts have an explosive attack that can blow you to pieces in seconds. That’s why you have to proceed very carefully here and deal damage as quickly as possible and capture the Beegarde quickly. Caution is advised!

Here again it becomes clear that although we get Anubis in the early game, some requirements such as catching the Beegarde simply have to be met. That’s why you should be good at around level 20. But this is still very early in the game, not even midgame.

Make flour from wheat!

To get flour we need normal Wheat. You can unlock and build the wheat field from level 15. You also need a mill that processes the Wheat for you.

However, there is a small catch to the whole thing. In order to build a wheat field, we need wheat seeds. But where are these seeds actually found?

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You get the seeds from the Pal Flopie. That’s why you should look for, kill or catch a few Flopie. You can’t farm these seeds yourself on the pasture, but you don’t need them at all, because a wheat field is enough to supply you with wheat or flour.

The last ingredient: the berries

Now it depends on how you want to get enough berries. You can build a field and place all the Pals in your base who can work on sowing, watering and collecting the berries.

Or alternatively, you can catch a slightly larger hopping bunny that can be placed in the pasture just like the other Pals. Caprity is suitable here.

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Once you’ve done that, you’ve already done a lot of the initial work and fulfilled the basic requirements for breeding Anubis. Now it’s time to get down to business!

Now build a cooking pot, because you can’t bake a cake on a campfire. The cooking pot requires the following resources:

  • 10x Wood
  • 15x Ingot Bars
  • 3x Flame Organ

Now you can finally bake the cake. I know, it’s really a state act! For a single cake you need the following:

  • 5x Wheat
  • 8x Red Berries
  • 7x Milk
  • 8x Egg
  • 2x Honey
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How can I breed an Anubis?

With the Cakes in your luggage, we’re now off to the breeding farm! You can then place these at the front of the box in the breeding farm and you have to do that so that the two pals get started.

But which Pals do we need now to be able to breed an Anubis?

There are several Pal combinations that make an Anubis. For example, you can assign the following Pals to lay a Furrowed Egg together: Quivern and Chillet.

Both are Pals, which are also available as a boss confrontation. They are bosses, sure, but these bosses are in the low-level area. You can catch Chillet from level 11 and Quivern is level 23. You won’t find her until later in the game. We will therefore show you where you have to look for the two low-level bosses.

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Once you have captured both Pals, you can begin breeding your Anubis. Once they’ve laid the Furrowed Egg, all you have to do is hatch it in an incubator and the Anubis is yours!

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These are other Combinations

From there, there are many other Pal combinations with which you can breed and hatch an Anubis. Here you can see all the ways you can do this.

It’s best to see which Pals you already have in your possession and use them to hatch an Anubis. Then you save yourself the search and the associated work to breed an Anubis as quickly as possible.

Pal Number 1Pal Number 2
Quivern Chillet

Did you find the solution useful? If you get stuck elsewhere, our walkthrough for Palworld could be helpful. We have prepared many tips and tricks here that should help you on your trip.

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