Palworld: All 429x Lifmunk Effigy on the Map – All locations!

By Ben Brüninghaus - News on 01.02.2024 13:10 Uhr
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In Palworld there are the so-called Lifmunk statues that we have to look for and collect in order to strengthen a special ability. In this solution we tell you everything about the Lifmunk statues and where exactly you can find them. We have marked each location on the map.

And it’s not that easy! In total there are a whopping 429 Lifmunk statues in the game and they have to be found first.

But don’t worry if you feel overwhelmed. We have prepared a few beautiful maps for you here that mark all the locations of the statues. Simply travel to all the points marked so that you don’t miss any of the statues. The good thing is that they glow quite brightly and are very obvious to find on the map even in the dark!

The first Lifmunk statue. Are there only over 400 missing? © Pocketpair/PlayCentral image montage

Locations of all Lifmunk Effigy in Palworld

First of all, we have prepared two special map sections for you. Here you can see the entire middle part of the world map. It’s best to start with the middle part. Start with the starting areas and work your way forward.

In the low level area it’s all quite easy and if you’re not level 40 or 50 yet, you’ll have peace and quiet when looking for statues. A ground mount is usually enough, but a flying mount always works a little better if the worst comes to the worst.

Start your search for the Lifmunk statues here! © Pocketpair/PlayCentral image montage

Even on the volcanic island in the southwest, with around level 35 on average on Pal, it becomes a little more difficult to do everything or fly away. But with a bird that’s ultimately not a problem. You should definitely have a flying mount, as the height differences on the mountain are too great.

And then there is the middle area with levels 20 to 30, which is also no problem at all. I would recommend this section before you head out into the desert or icy lands. A character with level 30 would still be advisable.

We move on to the next area. © Pocketpair/PlayCentral image montage

On the last map we finally included the northern map section with all the Lifmunk Effigy in the late game areas for you.

Here you will find the desert in the northeast with around level 40 in the Pal cut and in the northwest you will find the late game area, the icy frost lands are very dangerous with around level 50. So be careful when traveling to these two areas!

The late game areas are not without it! © Pocketpair/PlayCentral image montage

What do the Lifmunk Effigy bring?

You can build a Statue of Power relatively early in the game, where you can, for example, exchange Small Pal Souls to increase certain characteristics and the combat power of your Pals.

Not only that, you can also exchange the Lifmunk Statues at this statue to increase your catching skills.

The statue is reminiscent of Anubis. © Pocketpair/PlayCentral image montage

So if you collect the Lifmunk statues and trade them at the Statue of Power, you can catch Pals more easily. They will then slip through your fingers less frequently than if you don’t level up your catching skill at all.

Therefore, it is always a good idea to fill up this bar a little. Especially since the first catching skill points are reached quite quickly.

It only becomes more and more difficult towards the end as you need more and more statues. But with the cards we included above, you can quickly get as many statues as you need! Deal? Deal!

How much catching skill can you have? © Pocketpair/PlayCentral image montage

Did you find the solution useful? If you get stuck elsewhere, our walkthrough for Palworld could be helpful. We have prepared many tips and tricks here that should help you on your trip.

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