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Mindflayer in the Battle Arena: Master 2x Teams in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth

By Ben Brüninghaus - News on 10.03.2024 18:54 Uhr
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There are several tasks in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth that really pack a punch. In particular, a fight in the Gold Saucer’s battle ring makes us break out in a sweat.

But how can I defeat the Mindflayer in the battle arena? The final battle between the two teams is really tough.

But I’ve devised a little strategy for you that will allow you to beat the Mindflayer 100% of the time and on an equivalent level. You don’t need to grind for hours in the game.

Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth: Battle arena in the Gold Saucer

There is a very special fight in the Gold Saucer that will make our fingers glow. The battle arena in Battle Square has several fights in store for us, but this special duel has to be unlocked first.

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To unlock the duel: Gass with Ghouls, you must have defeated the secret enemy in the Junon region. You must also first complete the duel: Ice Cold Killers.

You will then gain access to the level 40 battle against the Mindflayer.

Combat preparation: Aerith & Barret

The premise for the following strategy is that we defeat the Mindflayer at an equivalent level. You should therefore be around level 40 (it is possible from around level 38).

There are many options for teams of two, but our strategy focuses entirely on Aerith and Barret. Choose them for the team and prepare their equipment first.

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The right equipment

The most important thing is to choose the right materia, because the Mindflayer is much stronger in this battle than the normal Mindflayer in the Junon region. That’s why we need to pack selected materia.

Be sure to select the following materia for the fight:

  • Aerith: Healing with Vita or Vitra
  • Aerith: Auto-Magic on Heal
  • Aerith: TP Boost min. 15%
  • Aerith: MP-Boost min 15%
  • Aerith: First strike for ATB boost at launch
  • Barret: Barrier for Protes and Vallum
  • Barret: TP boost min. 20% (possibly even apply 2x TP boost)
  • Barret: Efficient blocking for less damage when blocking
  • Barret: Resuscitation for angels
Aerith must have as much life as possible. © Square Enix/PlayCentral montage

Aerith needs the following weapon skills on the wand:

  • Aerith: TP maximum + 200
  • Aerith: MP-Hast – Accelerates MP regeneration in combat
  • Aerith: Critical hit rate + 5%

Get the weapon: Fafnir in the Gongaga region, with which you can perform a powerful melee strike.

Barret needs the following weapon skills on Fafnir:

  • Barret: Limit damage + 10%
  • Barret: Physical attack +20
  • Barret: Fire Blast + increases Fire Blast damage (very important!)

The basic idea behind the setup is as follows: Barret has much more life than Aerith. Therefore, Aerith could die during the fight, which is why he needs Magic: Angel. At the same time, Barret protects both of them with the Materia: Barrier so that they can both take more damage without interruption.

Aerith serves as a supporter who is primarily there to heal with Vita or Vitra, while also dealing damage from a distance.

Important: It is advisable to have mastered all the weapon skills of a character’s weapon so that you can access the weapon skills of the weapons in battle at the same time.

Take the following tips to heart in battle!

As already mentioned, the Mindflayer is much stronger here. This means that you have to proceed very differently than in the Junon region.

First of all, we have chosen two characters who both fight at a distance. This offers a lot of leeway, as the enemy often uses melee attacks. Aerith and Barret therefore have a big advantage right before the fight begins, as they remain outside the radius of many attacks and can simply keep firing.

This is where Barret’s Fire Blast comes in handy, which slowly and surely fills up the Mindflayer shock bar. In general, you should skill everything that benefits the fire blast (see equipment above).

Barret at a distance with selected magic. © Square Enix/PlayCentral montage

Here’s how it starts: The first fight against the many enemies can be done quickly with Barret. And then it’s time to get down to business. Keep Barret as your primary damage dealer in active control. Use him to fire from all angles.

Especially his weapon ability: Extra Magazine is great, as it improves the normal attack and fire burst. Now give the Mindflayer a real good workout. Always reload and spam the triangle button!

The death blow of the Mindflayer

You should start with Barret’s protective measures right at the start of the battle. That’s what the Materia: Barrier is for. This will protect you directly against the strong attacks if the Mindflayer lands a hit.

However, there is one attack that you cannot avoid. When this attack is launched, you must take appropriate countermeasures, as it will lead to the certain death of the characters.

  1. However, there is one attack that you cannot avoid. When this attack is launched, you must take appropriate countermeasures, as it will lead to the certain death of the characters.
  2. You can recognize this ability by the piles of stones lying around
  3. If the Mindflayer has performed telekinesis and the piles of stones are scattered around, the deathblow follows
  4. Now you absolutely have to put him in a state of shock…

It is not enough to just give him the shock vulnerability, he must now be completely shocked. If you attack the Mindflayer during this attack and shock him, you can interrupt the deathblow.

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And you have to, because the attack deals so much damage that you will almost certainly die. But we can prevent that!

The weak point of the Mindflayer

There is one more thing you need to know about the Mindflayer and that is its weak point. You can shock the mental monster with a single blow.

All you have to do is save a synchro skill in the background. The synchro skill will throw the Mindflayer off his game so much that he is immediately shocked.

If you have already filled his shock bar a little in advance, it is not unlikely to shock him with one blow.

Several synchro skills to choose from. © Square Enix/PlayCentral montage

There are several skills that you can level up in advance via the weapon level board. This is Passionate Fighter and Combat Accomplice. With these skills you will succeed in the masterstroke.

Important: Keep in mind that you don’t necessarily have to shock him and shouldn’t if he isn’t using this attack. This will only waste your recharge points, i.e. your synchronization points.

But if you detonate it at the right moment, you’ll immediately put it out of action. And then it’s your turn to deal as much damage as you can. If you can, use Barret’s limit. And Fafnir’s approximation shot is super strong, as this skill puts all ATB charges into a devastating melee attack. Be sure to use it!

Fire up the synchro skill now and shock guaranteed! © Square Enix/PlayCentral montage

What if he catches us anyway?

Don’t worry! If the Mindflayer explodes the cairns and deals around 5000 damage (that should be about 5000), all is not lost.

We included Barret in the team for a reason. He can withstand a lot and still has his barriers up his sleeve, which should always be active.

And if the Mindflayer catches you now, Aerith will inevitably die. Our healer simply can’t take it. But Barret can revive her immediately with Angel. Alternatively, you can also use a phoenix feather or a phoenix potion.

And when Aerith is back, she’ll take care of healing Barret as quickly as possible so that you can slowly and safely resume the fight.

It has to be! © Square Enix/PlayCentral montage

But be careful: the Mindflayer has it thick as a fist, he’ll try again at a later time, which is why you can’t avoid using this tactic with the synchro skills.

All clear so far? Then please write in the comments if my little strategy guide helped you and where you got stuck. I would be delighted to hear from you!

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