How to create Heat and Cold protection in Palworld! – Guide

By Ben Brüninghaus - News on 22.01.2024 23:19 Uhr
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Palworld offers a gigantic open world that invites you to explore. While the beginning is quite easy, later on it becomes a little more difficult to survive in the world.

Especially since normal armor is simply no longer sufficient in hotter or colder areas. We need real heat protection and a cozy cold protection made of thick wool wouldn’t be a bad idea while we’re at it?

In this guide we will tell you how to make Heat Protection Armor and Cold Protection Armor.

Obtain a heat shield in Palworld!

How do I make heat protection armor? To get proper heat protection, you need to reach level 9 and then unlock the technology called Tropical Outfit. For this you need 3 points.

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Once you’ve done that, you can start crafting your heat protection. We need the materials:

  • 3x Cloth
  • 2x Flame Organ 

You can get the material if you farm Wool from Lamball. You can also place the Lamball in your farm so that they continually bring wool. You can then process these into Cloth.

You can find Lamball immediately in the starting area, so it shouldn’t take you very long to search.

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Where do I find Flame Organ?

Things get more difficult with the Flame Organ. You can only find them on very specific Pals. It’s best to look for local fox parks directly. They’re not that difficult to defeat.

On the map below you can see where you can find such a Foxpark. They are found very widely around the world, but only congregate in certain areas. For example, you won’t find them in the starting area yet.

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Once you have found the Foxparks, you can switch them off and take the Flame Organ directly or you can catch them. It amounts to the same goal.

Now run back to your camp and pay a visit to the workbench. You can now craft the tropical costume with the materials. It gives you 70x HP and 25x defense on top while protecting you from heat.

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Get antifreeze in Palworld!

How do I make antifreeze armor? Alternatively, if you want to get antifreeze armor, you also need to reach level 9 and then unlock the Tundra Outfit. For this you also need 3 points and then you can theoretically start crafting.

  • 3x Cloth
  • 2x Ice Organ 
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Where can I find Ice Organs?

When it comes to the Cloth, everything stays the same. But the Ich Organ is the big question here. We have to look for them first. So where can we find an ice gland in Palworld?

If you want to go on a quest to craft cold protection armor, it’s best to look for a Pengullet. This cute Pal not only drops valuable Pal juice, but also Ice Organ.

We’re including Pengullet’s habitat in the picture so that you can identify the location as quickly as possible.

Pengullet in Palworld. © Pocketpair/

Penguletts are actually not very difficult to defeat. A few shots with the bow and that’s it. And the good thing is that you can catch them or take them out. Either way, you’ll get to the Ice Organ. So give them something to treat!

There’s the little rascal! © Pocketpair/

If you now have enough ice glands, you can bring the materials to the workbench and craft the Tundra Outfit, which protects you better from the cold than regular Cloth Outfit.

Frost Armor gives 70x HP and 25x Defense on top while protecting you from the cold. A good deal? We think so too!

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