Hogwarts Legacy: The Grand Staircase – All 26 Field Guide Page Locations

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Hogwarts Legacy: All Field Guide Page. The Grand Staircase (solutions, guide, locations)
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Anyone who enjoys collecting will get their money’s worth in Hogwarts Legacy, as there are many secrets to uncover here. Like the Field Guide Pages, which can be found throughout the school building, including on the Grand Staircase. But the search is worthwhile, as you will gain a lot of experience points and new items of clothing.

SuchField Guide Pages can be found in different ways. Some can be obtained by solving the riddle of a blank painting, others are only revealed by the spell Revelio and some require even better knowledge of the art of magic. But they are all listed here in our guide.

  • South wing: All 23 manual pages
  • Wings of the bell tower: All 34 manual pages
  • Library extension: All 20 manual pages
  • Astronomy wings: All 23 manual pages
  • The Great Hall: All manual pages
  • All Revelio handbook pages in Hogwarts
  • All Revelio manual pages in Hogsmeade
  • All Revelio manual pages in the highlands

Die Große Treppe – Alle Handbuchseiten: Revelio

  • Bust of Ravenclaw: Located in Ravenclaw Tower, on the staircase leading to the common room. If you start with this house, the bust will automatically be included in the handbook as the story progresses.
  • Ravenclaw Door Knocker: Enter Ravenclaw Tower and follow the stairs up to the Ravenclaw common room. Just outside the entrance, as members of this house had to solve a riddle at the beginning of Hogwarts Legacy to be granted entry, this page can be revealed.
  • Kelpy Statue: Travel to the Fleaflame location at the bottom of the stairs. From there, take the corridor to the north and turn left at the first opportunity, heading west. This will take you directly to the statue.
  • Moving Stairs: On your way to the Tower of the Great Stairs fleaflame location, you will pass a very small intermediate level where the stairs to the top must first appear. Use Revelo here to find another entry.
  • Trophy room: This handbook entry is located in the room of the same name, directly opposite the casket of the Goblet of Fire.
  • Troll Armor: Go to the trophy room at the top of the moving staircase. The troll armor is directly opposite the fast travel point, so you can’t miss it.
  • Centaur Armor: Just like the Troll Armor, this antique can also be found in the Trophy Room, the highest room in this area of Hogwarts. Search the outer ring for the clearly visible display case containing the armor.
  • House Elf Armor: Also located in the trophy room, just before the heavy iron grate blocking the stairs to the top.
  • Goblet of Fire Casket: Can be found in the trophy room, in the room itself. Simply use Revelio to find the right place.
  • Honeydukes Passageway: Can be found right next to the Fleaflame location Teacher’s Tower. You will need to visit the one-eyed witch where the Field Guide Pages is hidden during the secondary mission Dissendium for Sweets.
  • House-Elf Recipe Book: From the Fleaflame Place The Grand Staircase, head down the dark, narrow spiral staircase. Halfway down you will see a thick book in a display case, which is this entry.
  • Hufflepuff Barrels: From the Fleaflame location of The Grand Staircase, head down the dark, narrow spiral staircase, past the painting that leads to the kitchen, and to the end of the corridor where you can examine these barrels.
  • The Hogwarts Architect: The statue of the architect stands directly opposite the hourglasses in the reception area of the Great Hall.
  • Headmaster Office Gargoyle: Use Revelio directly in front of the entrance to the office. You can find the location by running further and further up from the trophy room. Can only be reached with Alohomora (level 2).
  • Sleeping Portraits: Located in the small anteroom of the principal’s office, which you can enter for the first time during the main mission Examination of Niamh Fitzgerald.
  • The Sorting Hat: Just like the sleeping portraits, this entry can only be found once you have access to the Headmaster’s office. This happens automatically during the primary mission Examination of Niamh Fitzgerald.
  • Quill of Acceptance and Book of Admittance: This handbook entry is located in the secret room opposite the Headmaster’s office. This location is one of the 3 secrets of Hogwarts and can only be entered once you have retrieved the key from the study room above the aforementioned office, for which you need Alohomora at level 3.
  • Salazar Slytherin’s Scriptorium: To reach this location and collect the Field Guide Page, you must complete the relationship quest In the Shadow of the Study, which is available to you when you follow Sebastian’s quests.

The Grand Staircase – All Field Guide Pages: Empty painting

  • Lifeless painting #1: Find the tower that connects the Grand Staircase with the library annex and go all the way down. At the foot of the spiral staircase is the frame and one floor higher, by the green wallpaper, is the moth you are looking for, which you can lead back to the painting as usual.
  • Lifeless Painting #2: Can be found in the corridor between the reception area and the Great Hall. Once you use Lumos, the painting will show you the Headmaster’s place, at the head of the Great Hall. Counts as an entry for The Grand Staircase, although it is located in The Great Hall area.
  • Lifeless Painting #3: The painting hangs right next to the entrance to the principal’s office, far above the trophy room, and can only be reached with Alohomora (level 1). The moth sits above the staircase entrance at the end of the narrow, ornate corridor that leads upstairs.
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