Hogwarts Legacy – Map Chamber gone, what do I have to do now?

By Ben Brüninghaus - News on 17.02.2023 11:09 Uhr
Hogwarts Legacy: 2. Prüfung abschließen, Rookwoods Prüfung (Guide, Lösung, Walkthrough)
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In Hogwarts Legacy, there are many puzzles and secrets that make you think. All in all, there are lots of collecting tasks that we can work through bit by bit. So we definitely never get bored in the Wizarding World.

Most of the collectibles that we unlock via the challenges are of a cosmetic nature. But not all of them!

Many challenges, such as finding the Demiguise statues, are important for learning new spells. And Merlins Trials even unlock more inventory space. A good idea on the part of the developers?

If you’re looking for more information on the collection tasks and other puzzles, take a look at our walkthrough for the game. We’ll help you wherever we can.

Is the Map Chamber gone? Riddles in Hogwarts Legacy

But as in every game, there are puzzles and riddles. And in “Hogwarts Legacy” there is also a “puzzle” that almost drove me out of my mind. Maybe you’ve had the same experience? Feel free to write it in the comments.

During the tests that we complete in the course of the main missions, we find ourselves in a map chamber.

And we have to go back to this map chamber at a later time, for example to start the second trial or the third trial.

Where is the map chamber again? Warner Bros/Avalanche/PlayCentral montage

Is the Card Chamber gone? If it weren’t for this one problem. Has the map chamber vanished into thin air? Or why can’t I find it again?

No, of course she didn’t. But. And that’s a big but. It’s extremely difficult to find again if you make a small mental mistake like I did.

The map chamber has vanished into thin air: I first searched through every single part of Hogwarts to find the flea spot again. Nothing was found.Then I just followed the marker. It led me outside and I was supposed to jump into the water. But of course nothing happens (funny marker btw). But fine.

The solution to the riddle: The map chamber is simply well hidden on the Hogwarts map, because you can only reach the flea flashpoint if you first go to secret rooms, through which you also enter the Room of Requirement. From here, two floo flashpoints will open up.

© Warner Bros./Avalanche/Image Montage PlayCentral

On the one hand, the floo point opens, which leads directly to the Room of Requirement. And secondly, the flea flame point opens, which leads to the map chamber. So you could say that the point is relatively well hidden. But it is even on the Secret Rooms tab. It’s apparently easy to overlook.

So there’s the flea point of the map chamber! Warner Bros / Avalanche / PlayCentral montage

Alternatively, you can of course march into the Hogwarts dungeons first. Pass the stone dragon and then continue down into the cellar. Run up the stairs and follow the gate (see picture). From here you can also run into the map chamber manually. But that’s just a side note.

To be clear, there are puzzles and there are puzzles that we seem to impose on ourselves. But to be fair, it has to be said that the floo spot really isn’t crying out to be found.

In the dungeon, this door leads to the map chamber. Warner Bros / Avalanche / PlayCentral montage
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