PLAYCENTRAL NEWS Hogwarts Legacy: Jackdaws Rest – All puzzles explained – Solution

Hogwarts Legacy: Jackdaws Rest – All puzzles explained – Solution

By Mandy Mischke - News on 27.02.2023 08:51 Uhr
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Once you have started the quest The Trials of Merlin in Hogwarts Legacy, you will have access to an exclusive quest – depending on the house – which leads to the main quest Jackdaw’s Final Resting Place. It takes you to the Forbidden Forest, which students should not stay away from for nothing.

Before you start the quest

Get ready for some hairy fights. Fierce opponents await you, who will not be easily intimidated by your magic wand and will fiercely defend their territory. So prepare yourself before the quest begins and equip yourself with enough (healing) potions.

To begin the task, you must first master the disarming spell Expelliarmus. If you haven’t already done so, complete Prof. Hecat’s tasks first so that she can teach you the spell.

Hogwarts Legacy: This is how you get to Jackdaw’s grave

Meet Richard Jackdaw at nightfall and follow him into the Forbidden Forest until the Rabbit’s Foot retreats at a fork in the road. Continue following the path on the right to avoid the attacking spiders that await you on the left, or join the fight to collect some resources and XP.

Two tips for your further journey:

  1. It’s best to light up the annoying crawly creatures with Incendio and then finish them off with the basic spell.
  2. If in doubt, always keep an eye on the minimap, which reliably shows you the way and shows you lurking enemies.

No matter what you decide, you will come to a large, illuminated tree that is littered with information signs. To the west of this is the waterfall that Jackdaw mentioned. If you continue along the path in a northwesterly direction, you will pass a Cuddly Muff collection point and shortly afterwards you will reach a lake.

Here you turn left again and walk straight towards Jackdaw’s grave. There is also a fast travel point right next to the cave. Now interact with the water bowl to open the secret entrance.

However, a few of Ranrock’s followers promptly appear and you have to eliminate them first. If you have succeeded, you can enter the tomb and continue your search for Jackdaw’s remains and the missing pages.

The first door puzzle in Jackdaw’s Cave

Here you can take a quick breath and let the huge cave, which is riddled with puzzles, work its magic on you. Continue running down the hallway until you come to a door that blocks your way. However, the solution to the riddle is quite simple and almost forces you on your face.

Cast a basic spell on the three shields placed next to the door, one at a time. The order doesn’t matter. Just make sure you don’t waste too much time. Otherwise the mechanism will be reset and you will have to start over.

Hogwarts Legacy: Jackdaw's Cave, 1. Door Puzzle
© Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment, Inc.

Tough test for arachnophobics: This is how you survive the spiders

Go through the door, follow the path and at the end burn the large spider web that blocks your path with Incendio. How could it be otherwise? This calls some eight-legged friends onto the scene. Kill the garden spiders and crawl through the hole on the right to collect a treasure chest.

This is of course guarded by spiders. If you want to avoid the fight, you can use the disillusionment spell. Sneak past the hairy monsters and help yourself to the chest.

Leave the small area through the hole again and go straight down into the next section of the cave. Two paths lead off from here: On the left we continue towards the mission goal; the other takes you to the right to a floating platform.

Hogwarts Legacy: Jackdaws Rest, Platform
© Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment, Inc.

Treasure hunters should stop here to loot another chest. The two cross spider guards are dealt with quite quickly with Incendio and basic spells.

Now turn your attention to the floating platform. Cast Accio on the handles to pull you to the other side. Grab the treasures and follow the quest marker to the next door, which is of course guarded by spiders.

Solve second door puzzle

Here, too, you have to shoot three shields one after the other to set the mechanism in motion. Two can be seen directly in front of you. The third is hiding behind the left ledge.

Hogwarts Legacy: Jackdaws Rest, 2nd Door Puzzle
© Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment, Inc.

After this door has also opened, follow the corridor – slipping under a rock – until you reach another fork in the path. Take a small detour to the right and climb the wall to reach a treasure chest.

The path will lead you straight back to the right path so you can continue your search for the missing pages. But of course it won’t be that easy for you. Again you land in front of a floating platform and have to use Accio to transport yourself over a chasm.

If you want to leave the cave behind you as quickly as possible, simply move to the opposite side and follow the quest marker. However, you will then miss a few treasures that await you on the left and right sides of the abyss.

Hogwarts Legacy: Jackdaws Rest, three-way platform
© Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment, Inc./PlayCentral-Bildmontage

If you take the right path, be prepared for some garden spider hatchlings and guards. Although the smallest crawlers can be rendered harmless with a single hit, the masses can quickly outpace even the weakest opponent.

A tip against spider offspring: cast a fire spell on the eggs before they hatch so that the offspring cannot attack you in the first place.

Then go back and get the treasure chest on the other side by climbing up the wall. Continue on the main path: Pull yourself and the platform to the southern edge and follow the corridor, which of course reveals new spiders.

Finish them off, grab the box on the hill and continue along the corridor. A small swing to the left will bring you another chest before you reach a large cave room.

On the right you will reach a new floating platform. Pull yourself – in the familiar way – with Accio to the other handholds and collect the chests and Wiggenweld Potions. Don’t miss this one; you will still need them!

Don’t miss the smaller hollow with two more chests here. This is to your right. You can reach it if you stop halfway to the chest that is in front of the waterfall.

Hogwarts Legacy: Jackdaw's final resting place, treasure platform on the right
© Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment, Inc./PlayCentral-Bildmontage

Drop down and go back to the large cave room. Continue northwest towards the bridge, which is again blocked by a mechanical door. Before you reach this, however, more garden spiders want to prevent you from continuing the quest.

By now you should be experienced enough to clear away the nasty creatures in no time. Once this is done, two additional cross spider matriarchs appear on the scene, which cannot be torched so easily.

Take advantage of the surroundings and throw standing objects at the beasts. Use Old Magic if possible, because matriarchs are not to be trifled with. Once the enemies are out of the way, you can focus on the next door puzzle.

Solve the third door puzzle

The third puzzle doesn’t pose a particularly big challenge either. With a keen eye, you can quickly see the two upper shields in the immediate vicinity of the gate. The third is below the mountain. You will also find another chest here.

Hogwarts Legacy: Jackdaws Rest, 3rd Door Puzzle
© Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment, Inc./PlayCentral-Bildmontage

It’s best to position yourself so that you have all the goals in view. Fire the basic spell on all three shields one after the other and this door will no longer be an obstacle for you. Now you can cross the bridge that will lead you directly to Jackdaw’s remains.

Examine the pile of bones to retrieve the missing pages. As soon as you have pocketed these, the Old Defenders will awaken. You will first face two Pensieve Sentinels and four Sentry Posts.

Use primarily Expelliarmus and Levioso to counter attacks early. Also be careful of the jumping attacks and dodge in time when a blue circle forms around you. However, these enemies are generally vulnerable to many spells.

Boss fight: This is how you kill Pensieve Protectors

Once you have completed the first wave, a pensieve protector will stand in your way. This one is not only bigger than the first defenders, but also a lot stronger. Just don’t let the colossus unsettle you.

Disarms the guard with Expelliarmus and uses the moment he falls to his knees to launch further attacks. Make sure you dodge his attacks and jumping attacks. Protego is of little help here. Additionally, if available, make use of Old Magic.

Of course, you can also use the power of plants and let the Chinese chewing cabbage attack him. The crunchy vegetables are happy to do the work for you and prove to be a real miracle weapon against even the toughest skin.

Before you can catch your breath, you have to take on the other two protectors, who awaken as soon as you have defeated the first of the three brothers. Do the same to them and the worst is over.

Hogwarts Legacy: Jackdaw's Final Resting Place, Pensieve Protector
© Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment, Inc./PlayCentral

If you haven’t already done so, you now have enough time to loot the chamber and then examine the traces of ancient magic. Interact with the point and leave the site through the magical gate.

Go down the hallway to another door. Don’t be alarmed if the room suddenly floods. Thanks to protective spells, the water cannot harm you. Once you have arrived in the next room, a cutscene will follow.

Wait for this and then speak to the portrait of Professor Percival Rackham to complete the quest. You can now access your skills and award talent points. You can find out how to do this in this article.

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