PLAYCENTRAL NEWS Hogwarts Legacy: Find all Conjurations for the Room of Requirement

Hogwarts Legacy: Find all Conjurations for the Room of Requirement

By Sara Petzold - News on 07.03.2023 13:53 Uhr
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Hogwarts Legacy is full of interesting features that are sometimes more and sometimes less relevant to the core gameplay in the wizarding world. In any case, the Room of Requirements is indispensable in order to best prepare your character for the many challenges that await you.

In order to make optimal use of the space of wishes, you need the so-called incantations. We’ll now tell you what it’s all about and how you can find all the incantations in Hogwarts Legacy in our guide.

Summons in Hogwarts Legacy: What is it and why do I need it?

What exactly are Conjurations? Behind the somewhat unwieldy term “summons” there are actually special spells with which you can, well, summon objects. This includes both useful furniture and decorative objects that you can place in your Room of Requirement, provided you have the appropriate incantation.

Summons improve your Room of Requirement. © Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment, Inc.

You will receive the first Conjurations automatically as soon as you unlock the Room of Requirements. The drinking station and the planting table, for example, are included in a basic version. In total, there are 140 different summons that you can unlock in different ways – namely through quests and exploring the game world.

Why should I collect all Conjurations? Basically, you only need a small portion of the Conjurations to optimize your character. After all, a significant part of the incantations are purely decoration for your room of wishes.

But if you want to get the platinum trophy from “Hogwarts Legacy”, you have to collect all 140 summons. They are part of the “Collector’s Edition” achievement, for which you have to complete all collections in the game.

Finding Conjurations: This is how you grab them all

As mentioned before, there are different ways to find summons. Depending on the summon, you can get them in the following ways:

  • Complete all main and side missions: 25 summons
  • Purchase from the Tomes and Scrolls store in Hogsmeade: 16 incantations
  • Room of Requirement Challenges: 3 Summons
  • Exploring the game world: 96 Conjurations

As you can see, you get some of the summons automatically if you simply complete all the main and side quests in the game. You can buy some particularly useful summons in Hogsmeade, such as better potting tables and watering stations or useful accessories for your beasts.

The majority of the Conjurations come from the treasure chests that you can find everywhere in the game world. Incidentally, these chests only contain decorative objects. However, there are a few catches.

How to open the Eye Chests?
In Hogwarts Legacy there are various treasure chests that can contain Conjurations. © Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment, Inc.

Because in the world of wizards and witches there are over 240 treasure chests. This means that not every chest contains an incantation. The game also randomly rolls which summon is contained in which chest – again after each save. So if you really want to own all the summons, you will inevitably have to find and loot a large number of treasure chests.

But there’s also good news: the locations of all chests are marked on Mapgenie’s interactive map. You can filter this map so that it only shows you the treasures. If you log in with a free account, you can even mark individual chests as already discovered, which makes hunting for the summons much easier.

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