GTA Online Cluckin’ Farm Raid – All Weapon And Gear Loadouts

By Patrik Hasberg - News on 13.03.2024 11:16 Uhr

Rockstar Games released a new story update for GTA Online on March 7, 2024 with the Cluckin’ Bell Farm Raid, which offers you new contact missions that ultimately lead to a grand finale.

As part of the Concealed Weapons preparation mission, you have to steal weapons and equipment for the finale. At the beginning, your client Vincent Effenberger will send you pictures of the 3 possible targets via text message.

Cluckin’ Bell Farm Raid: Which weapons and equipment should I steal?

You can steal weapons and equipment from three different gangs. However, you won’t know at first which weapons and equipment are hidden behind which gang. To find out, you’ll either have to graze all three targets or read our guide!

Basically, you only need to rob one of the three targets. It’s up to you which weapons and equipment you prefer for the subsequent heist.

Which weapon and equipment should I choose? The weapons and equipment are basically divided from light to heavy.

So if you want heavy weapons and heavy armor, you should raid the military. For those who prefer to move quickly and maneuverably through the factory, the professional equipment is more suitable.

Basically, however, you can complete the raid with any equipment without encountering unsolvable problems.

  • Marabunta Grande (A): Only a small (weak) gang with rather suboptimal equipment, but easier to steal. However, the weapons and equipment are not really optimal.
    • Weapons: Heavy rifle, tactical MP, heavy shotgun, pipe bombs
    • Equipment: Light armor, low stamina reduction
© Rockstar Games/
© Rockstar Games/
  • Professionals (B): This gang is on a yacht off Los Santos, no military-style security, but no small-time crooks either. Our choice!
    • Weapons: Compact rifle, combat pistol, mini-MP, crowbar, Molotov cocktails
    • Equipment: Medium armor, medium stamina reduction
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© Rockstar Games/
  • Militär (C): Schwer bewaffnete Miliz in der Wüste von Blaine County mit akribischen Sicherheitsvorkehrungen, Waffen und Ausrüstung sind brauchbar
    • Weapons: Machine gun, AP pistol, combat shotgun, grenades
    • Equipment: Heavy armor, large stamina reduction
© Rockstar Games/
© Rockstar Games/

If you have already logged an hour or two playing GTA Online on your virtual account, then even as a solo player you should have no problem with one of the gangs. You can even take out the military at the airfield in the desert quite quickly with the right weapons.

You will receive the best weapons and the best equipment. Each of the three weapons (machine gun, AP pistol, combat shotgun) is useful and can be put to good use in the later raid.

Take the weapons and equipment to Vincent’s Lockup. Using the SMS function on your cell phone, all you have to do is tell Vincent what equipment you want to use during the Cluckin’ Bell Farm Raid.

However, bear in mind that you can only choose one loadout at a time and that they cannot be mixed together.

If you would like more tips on the Cluckin’ Bell Farm Raid, then take a look at our walkthrough.

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