Find the Cursed Tomb Treasure quickly in Hogwarts Legacy!

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We accompany you through Hogwarts Legacy on For us, no question is neglected. If you need help with the puzzling action-adventure, please let us know in the comments.

In our complete solution you will find all the important challenges that need to be overcome. We are also available to provide you with further help and solutions.

Solution to the quest Cursed Tomb Treasure

In this walkthrough we will fully dedicate ourselves to the treasure map tied to the mission Cursed Tomb Treasure.

The requirements for obtaining the treasure map include the following factors:

  • Urtok’s helmet in your possession
  • Alohomora level 1 or level 3 mastered

Where can I find the Treasure Map?

If you meet these requirements, you can get started. You spawn at the cape at the mansion in the southwest of the world map (next to Bainburgh) and pay a visit to the mansion.

There is a small fire bowl here that needs to be lit with the fire magic Confringo. Eliminate the two Notorious Enemies and crack the Level 1 Chest containing the card.

What does the map want to tell us? © Warner Bros./Avalanche/Image Montage PlayCentral

Alternatively, there is a main entrance that leads through the entire property. However, for this you need a level 3 version of Alohomora. The door is next to the main entrance towards the basement.

Where is the treasure hidden?

You’ve probably already discovered the flea point for the treasure. And if not, then return to the starting point, which connects the upper half with the lower half of the world map.

Search at this point. © Warner Bros./Avalanche/Image Montage PlayCentral

A waterfall flows down here and just behind it is the entrance to the hideout. Just fly towards the waterfall and then land on the right side. Here you will find the Flea Flame Point: Tomb of Betrayal, which you can enter immediately.

The treasure lies hidden behind it. © Warner Bros./Avalanche/Image Montage PlayCentral

Inside the Tomb of Treachery you have some coins and a chest to your left and right. So go deeper into the tomb and take all the chests with you along the way. At some point you will come to a grave with Photine’s second message. To the right there are only collectibles again, so follow the left path.

The spider webs want to get to know your fire magic Confringo. And then you come to the room with three butterflies.

Collect three butterflies, let’s go! © Warner Bros./Avalanche/Image Montage PlayCentral

First turn off the spiders and then look for all three butterflies.

You will find two butterflies to the right of the door. Collect them with the Lumos spell and bring them to the door (throw them at the door with Depulso).

For the third butterfly, keep to the left. Destroy the spider web in front of the box, place it in front of the hill (with Accio) and jump on it. You will find gold on the right and the third butterfly on the left.

How do I solve the treasure puzzle?

Now you can open the door with the three butterflies. The treasure is hidden behind it, but you still have to take out a few Inferi. So first burn it with Confringo and then finish it off.

Now let’s go back to the map. What does it mean? We see nine stone symbols on it. These must be laid out exactly as on the map. In the picture below you can see the quick solution to the puzzle. To turn the stones over, use the spell Reverso.

The quick solution for the treasure. © Warner Bros./Avalanche/Image Montage PlayCentral
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