Find Rococo in Hogwarts Legacy, quick and easy!

By Ben Brüninghaus - News on 21.02.2023 11:26 Uhr
Ein Niffler aus Hogwarts Legacy.
© Warner Bros./Avalanche/PlayCentral-Bildmontage

In Hogwarts Legacy there are countless Fantastic Beasts that brighten up our everyday magical life in the fairytale action adventure. They are everywhere in the open world and encounters with them are often magical in nature.

Part of the game is to catch the mythical creatures in order to protect them from poachers and thus give them a safe home.

But not all magical animals come to the vivarium in the Room of Requirements. There is also a mission where we have to find a Niffler for another lady.

And this side mission is what this solution is supposed to be about. If you would like to find out more about magical beasts like the Phoenix or the Unicorn, then take a look at our walkthrough, where we provide you with all the information about the game.

How can I find Rococo?

The mission in question is the side mission Rescuing Rococo, which you can find in Bainburgh. Agnes Coffey is already waiting for you because she has bad news. Rococo has disappeared!

Where can I find Rococo? Rococo is a niffler and the wonderful creature is also a real fan of escaping. But don’t worry, we can trace the money trail back to Henrietta’s Hideaway. You can find it right here in the southeast of the world map (see picture).

Henrietta’s Treasure Map seems to be hidden here. © Warner Bros./Avalanche/Image Montage PlayCentral

There are several puzzles in Henrietta’s Hideaway that you have to solve in order to find Rococo.

The first puzzle is the cube puzzle. Two dice need to be placed correctly and activated. You probably already know the riddle, but here is the explanation again.

You have to align the dice based on the symbols (flame dice on flame platform) and then activate them with the corresponding spell. So first place the flame cube correctly, activate it with Confringo, for example, and then place the ice cube correctly to also activate it with Glacio.

Now take out the poachers in the next room before you continue.

Dice on the platforms and cast spells to find Rococo. © Warner Bros./Avalanche/PlayCentral image montage

You then come to another cube puzzle in Henrietta’s Hideaway, where the basic principle is actually the same.

The first cube is on the right on the first floor. Place the cube on the platform with the spring, which represents the spell Levioso.

And the second cube is hidden behind a hidden wall. It’s best to use Revelio, otherwise you won’t know which wall is meant. Just run into the wall to deactivate it. The second cube is again a flame cube, which you place on the platform with the flame.

Now you can use Confringo on the flame cube and Levioso on the feather cube before continuing.

Then follow the money trail until you come to a chest. Rococo is hiding here in the room and seems to be doing quite well.

How can I catch Rococo?

Now all you have to do is catch Rococo: equip your Snab-Back (on the magic bar) and ignite it on Rococo. If you find it too difficult to catch because he keeps running away, use Levioso once. With Nifflers, this gives you enough time to completely capture them.

Congratulations! If you now hand Rococo in Bainburgh, you have also successfully completed this mission.

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