Find Pal Juice easily in Palworld – Tricks for collecting

By Ben Brüninghaus - News on 22.01.2024 22:24 Uhr
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In the colorful, digital world of Palworld there are not only countless Pokémon copies running around everywhere. There is also an extensive housing and crafting feature that comes with countless items and really goes into depth.

And that’s why there are rare and useful items that we need to craft certain things. This includes the good Pal juice. Basically the juice of your buddies, which you can interpret for yourself at this point.

But where do we find this valuable lifeblood in the game? In this guide, we’ll tell you how you can get the coveted drink and what else you should definitely know about Pal juice.

What is Pal Juice in Palworld?

Pal Juice is a regular material. An item that you can use for further processing. The item drops in the game world and can be easily found if you know where to look.

Pal juice in Palworld. © Pocketpair/

Pal Juice Location in Palworld

Where can I find Pal juice in Palworld? Pal Juice is dropped by some Pals. Namely from the water pal named Teafant. He shoots the juice through his trunk.

You can find the Teafant Pals in various places around the world. We show you Teafant’s habitat here. You can search in these places and look around for the cute little mini elephants.

Teafant in Palworld. © Pocketpair/

You basically can’t miss them because they’re splashing all over the place. And they are just adorable with their big Dumbo ears.

This is what tea fans look like! © Pocketpair/

Alternatively, you can look for a Pengullet. They also spawn the item you are looking for. They look like cute little penguins do. Here in the picture you can see the habitat of the pengullets.

Pengullet in Palworld. © Pocketpair/

Important to note: When you approach them, it’s best to use a bow or throw one of your buddies. Help is always welcome here.

But don’t worry, you don’t have to worry about taking out or catching the Teafant or Pengullet. Because in both cases the animals leave the Pal juice lying around.

There’s the rascal! © Pocketpair/

After the fight, all you have to do is search for the eliminated opponent, because the item remains in place.

I would always turn off the whole herd so that you can get some more Pal juice straight away and don’t have to run double or triple.

What can I make with the Pal juice?

If you have farmed enough Pal juice, you can finally use it in the base for crafting. There are a few useful items here that you can craft or use the juice for.

These items include the infrastructure called Hot Spring and the thing is that you should definitely set it up in your base. For this you need:

  • 30x Wood
  • 15x Stone
  • 10x Paldium Fragment
  • 10x Pal Juice
Use of Pal juice. © Pocketpair/

The hot spring is awesome because you can let your pals work longer and more efficiently. Build them in your base and then the Pals will take a dip in the hot spring every now and then to relax. This increases their GEI value, which makes them more motivated to work.

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