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By Ben Brüninghaus - News on 13.02.2023 21:05 Uhr
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Broom number 10

You can get another broom from a merchant named Arn. This is the Silver Arrow Broom. But the only question is where Arn actually is? We have also identified the location for this (see map).

He’s waiting for you south of Lower Hogsfield. For example, if you spawn at Floo Flame: Western Valley of Hogwarts, you can simply fly east.

However, this broom costs a whopping 5,000 gold! A hefty sum for such an old broom. But if you want to buy all the brooms, then unfortunately you have to invest the money.

Broom number 11

You can get a particularly expensive broom in the hiking shop, northeast of Irondale. It’s best to spawn at Floo Flame: Northern Swamp on the South Sea and travel from there a bit to the southwest. This is the quickest way.

The good Priya Treadwell has another broom for sale. However, the whole thing has a price catch. It’s not necessarily cheap, although that’s actually still humane compared to other brooms.

The Family Antique Broom costs a solid 2,500 gold. So a tidy sum for an old broom?

Broom number 12

The next broom is also waiting for you at a dealer. Namely at the traveling dealer Leopold Babcocke. You can meet this dealer at the following location on the map.

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It’s best to first travel via Floo Flame to the Eastern Valley of Hogsmeade. And from there you continue south, then you run directly into Leopold Babcocke’s path.

But this broom is only for the very rich students among you. Because the Sky Scythe Broom also costs a solid 5,000 gold. But he also looks cool.

Besen Nummer 13

Let’s move on to the last broom. If you collect this too, you will finally have them all and will officially be the tamer of the brooms. But where is the final broomstick in Hogwarts Legacy?

The last broom is also a broom that you have to take from a dealer. Namely the traveling trader Rohan Prakash. But where is Rohan Prakash? Follow our map for the fastest solution!

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The last traveling merchant remains west of Cragcroft. Travel to the Floo Flame point of the same name and then fly straight west.

His position is relatively easy to see, he is lying open on the field in front of the goal arch. But can you afford the last broom? Then let’s see how much it costs!

The final broom is called the Aeromancer Broom, and despite the fact that you only get it in a late game area, it still doesn’t cost as much as the previous two brooms. It only costs 3,000 gold.

For further help and quick solutions, check out our walkthrough for the game here.

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