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By Ben Brüninghaus - News on 13.02.2023 21:05 Uhr
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Broom number 8 via challenge

The next broom is called the Wild Fire Broom. He needs 10 sets of balloons that you have to pop. And then this magical broom is yours too!

  1. The first set of balloons is waiting for you east behind the railway tracks near Aranshire.
  2. The second set of balloons is hidden here: south of Aranshire.
  3. The third set of balloons is bobbing around aimlessly: all the way to the east near Brocburrow. More precisely, it starts north of Brocburrow.
  4. The fourth set of balloons is located straight northeast of Keenbridge at the point below.
  5. The fifth set of balloons is chilling exactly here: a little south of Floo Flame: The Eye of the Mine.
  6. The sixth set of balloons ended up here. It’s a good place to go: south in the gorge in front of the wizarding settlement of Irondale.
  7. The seventh set of balloons is on the mat: Like on vacation: South of Floo Flame: Feldcroft Catacomb.
  8. Unfortunately, the eighth set of balloons has to work and spends its lunch break at the kebab shop around the corner: slightly southeast of Feldcroft.
  9. The ninth set of balloons are unemployed and are spending their vacation on Balconies in the beautiful sun: South of Feldcroft, southeast of Floo Flame: South Feldcroft over the water.
  10. The tenth set of balloons glides across the skies of Rookwood Castle. Well, not exactly. Because actually a little north of the castle at this point.
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Broom number 9

Now we already have eight brooms. But where is the nearest broom? Oh, it’s also unlocked through challenges and only requires another 15 sets of balloons.

  1. The first set of balloons – As part of the side mission Madam Kogawa’s task 1 – Pop the balloons over the Hogsmeade train station.
  2. The second set of balloons – As part of the side mission Madam Kogawa’s task 1 – Pop the balloons around the Quidditch field.
  3. The third set of balloons – North of Rookwood Castle, in the narrow gorge leading towards Lower Hogsfield.
  4. The fourth set of balloons is located at the South Feldcroft floo flame point, the balloons float a little south in the sky.
  5. The fifth set of balloons – Madam Kogawa side mission Task 2 – Pop the balloons near the battlements. This is west of Lower Hogsfield.
  6. The Sixth Balloon Set – Madam Kogawa Side Mission Task 2 – Pop the balloons near Keenbridge Tower. East of Keenbridge.
  7. The seventh set of balloons is located at the Northern Poidsear Coast, directly in front of Floo Flame as you fly south from it.
  8. The eighth set of balloons is not far away. If you fly south from the Northern Poidsear Coast, the balloons will be waiting at the small bandid camp. East of the bottleneck on the map, by a hippogriff den. Here you have to fly up the waterfall (don’t fly further south!).
  9. The ninth set of balloons is waiting further south from here. On the South Poidsear Coast. Here you fly around the ruins at the troll hideout.
  10. The tenth set of balloons is hidden near a bridge in the northeast of the Poidsear Coast area. Starts at Floo Flame: Phoenix Mountain Cave. And then towards the southeast. The first balloon sits under the first (upper bridge).
  1. The eleventh set of balloons is waiting at Lake Marunweem. There is actually only one set of balloons here. The balloon set is hard to miss because it sits open at the bottom right corner of the lake, virtually behind the lake. Simply travel east from Floo Flame: Lake Marunweem.
  2. The twelfth set of balloons was positioned at the Cape at the Manor, south of Lake Marunweem. If you fly south, you will see them on the right side (next to the ruins) in front of the cliffs.
  3. The thirteenth set of balloons is also here. You’ve probably already noticed the balloons. South of the last set of balloons. South of the Western Cape floo flame at the mansion near the Hippogriff building.
  4. The next balloons are in the sky in the Clagmar Coast. West of Floo Flame: Southern Clagmar Coast. The last balloon is a little further into the gorge.
  5. Then there are a few balloons to the east of Cragcroft. Exactly at the flea point: Cragcroft (i.e. the village in the east).
  6. You can find the last balloons if you fly southwest from Cragcroft. They are chilling by the bay where a huge skeleton lies. Next to the medium-sized bandit camp, very central in the region. The balloons go under a bridge.

Popping all the balloons will grant you access to the magical Bright Spark Broom. The name says it all, it has two stars on the front!

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