PLAYCENTRAL NEWS Farming Technology Points in Palworld? No problem with this trick!

Farming Technology Points in Palworld? No problem with this trick!

By Ben Brüninghaus - News on 09.03.2024 01:23 Uhr
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One sunny day in Palworld we inevitably reach the annoying point of running out of skill points. But what do we do when we don’t have access to new, high-quality technology that we so desperately need?

There is a simple solution to this problem. We are looking for a very special item that will give us new technology points.

In this guide you will find out exactly what you have to do to quickly get a lot of skill points and what tricks there are.

Palworld: Skill points are a must!

Skill points are really essential in Palworld: Especially in the high-level areas of the game, we rely on the most modern technologies, which we can only unlock with the technologies from the skill tree of the same name.

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But the game wants us to be careful with our skill points: a pain in the ass for anyone who just throws away the technology points.

But fortunately the developers have integrated a clever mechanic that alleviates this pain a little.

But just in advance: Here you can find out everything about ancient technology points, which differ from normal technology points.

  • All about Ancient Technology Points and how to unlock them!

Unlock technology points with a trick

To get more technology points manually, there is a certain item in the game that, when used, gives us new technology points. And this rare item is High Grade Technical Manual.

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The name says it all when it comes to the High Grade Technical Manual, but there’s a catch to the whole thing. We rarely find the books in the game unless we go looking for these manuals ourselves. Sometimes they spawn in chests, but this is rare.

However, there is a Pal in Palworld that you can even find in the starting area and that has this item: these are the feathered friends called Hoocrates.

Location: Pals for technical manuals

At this point we’re including Hoocrates’ habitat for you and in case you haven’t noticed yet: these critters, er super buddies, only spawn at night!

However, the fact that Hoocrates-Pals are dropping these clever tech manuals can be easily overlooked. Because normally they only drop fibers. The technology manuals rarely drop.

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So it’s important to farm as many Hoocrates as possible in order to quickly get skill points for the technology rider. This works and is actually not a problem.

Insider tip for double the yield!

If farming the technical manuals takes too long for you, you can also use the following trick (PlayCentral approved).

Even if we don’t have much fun slaughtering Pals, it doesn’t help (in this case). Craft a butcher knife at your workbench and make sure when farming that you catch the Hoocrates and don’t kill them straight away.

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Once they are in your box, you can spawn them and select the butcher knife. The “Pet Pal” emote now becomes “Slaughter Pal”. Select this command and do what needs to be done.

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Each emergency slaughter brings with it an additional chance of such a High Grade Technical Manual being dropped.

If you know of any other ways to quickly get technical manuals, write them in the comments and we’ll add them here!

Did you find the solution useful? If you get stuck elsewhere, our walkthrough for Palworld could be helpful. We have prepared many tips and tricks here that should help you on your trip.

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