Farming sulfur in Palworld: This is how you get the raw materials!

By Ben Brüninghaus - News on 30.01.2024 13:11 Uhr
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In Palworld there are various raw materials that we need for everyday survival. We find most materials quite easily near our base. But for some items it’s not that easy to find out how we can find and farm these raw materials in the first place.

In this solution we will tell you how exactly you can get Sulfur, which you will need again and again from the mid-game onwards. We’ll also take a quick and concise look at what you can do with Sulfur.

Location of Sulfur in Palworld

Where to find sulfur in Palworld? Sulfur is quite a useful companion in Palworld. But to acquire sulfur we must go to a specific place.

And these are the local caves that you will find everywhere in the game – the so-called dungeons. But be careful, these dungeons are each tied to a specific level. For example, there are dungeons that you can master from level 12. But there are also more difficult dungeons, which is why you should always look at the level first.

These caves are quite well hidden on the overworld. They can be anywhere on rock faces. Look for the entrances that look like the cave entrance in our picture.

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Once you have found such a cave entrance with an adequate level for you, you can start farming! You now have to search a little inside the cave, because sulfur is also rarer here.

The sulfur deposits look almost exactly like the ore lumps on the upper world, they just have a yellow tinge, reflecting the color of the sulfur.

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Take a basic pickaxe or an improved pickaxe like the metal pickaxe. This will help you break down the sulfur a little faster.

Aside from caves, you can also find sulfur near volcanoes. The rest basically stays the same. Now it’s just a matter of searching and farming!

What can I do with Sulfur?

In Palworld there are weapons that are equipped with regular ammunition. That’s why we need a lot of sulfur, since we obviously don’t want to run out of ammunition when we’re in the middle of a fight?

To make bullets we need Gunpowder and for this powder we also need sulfur. Gunpowder can be unlocked at level 21 via technologies, including the Musket, which we can really shoot with for the first time!

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In the end we need Gunpowder to produce the following items:

  • Coarse Ammo
  • Handgun Ammo
  • Rifle Ammo
  • Shotgun Shells
  • Assault Rifle Ammo
  • Machine Gun Ammo
  • Magnum Ammo
  • Rocket Ammo
  • Frag Grenades
  • Pengullet’s Rocket Launcher

A little tip: If you’ve just run out of sulfur for Coarse Ammo for your weapons, for example, you can always stop by poachers. These Pal poachers usually have a little ammo with them when you take them out.

So it’s worth keeping your eyes open and farming a little ammunition if the worst comes to the worst. Why not?

Farming Gunpowder directly is how it works!

Trick for Gunpowder: And finally there is a little tip for farming gunpowder. It is also possible to farm gunpowder directly. For example, hunt the Pals Tocotoco.

They don’t just have Tocotoco feathers for you. They also drop gunpowder, which allows you to avoid the arduous hunt for sulfur.

In the picture below you can see where you can farm Tocotoco to quickly get gunpowder.

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