Farming bones in Palworld: Where can I find bones? – Tutorial

By Ben Brüninghaus - News on 30.01.2024 14:05 Uhr
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If you are currently in the middle of building a base in Palworld and want to strengthen your character, you need a very specific raw material. And this item is so special that it is only available under very specific conditions.

We’re talking about bones. In this solution you will find out where you can find bones and what you can do with them in the Pokémon clone with weapons.

Why do I need Bones in Palworld?

Bone is a raw material like any other in Palworld. But the difference is the specific area of application. We need bones for a very specific cement structure, for example. That’s why we need a lot of Bones.

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We also need 10x bones for the Mega Glider, which has higher speed and minimizes stamina consumption.

That’s why it’s essential that you hunt for bones in the mid-game. But where do we find bones? Where should I look?

Bones: Location in Palworld

Where to find bones in Palworld? At first glance, it’s a real mystery where to look for bones. But it’s like so many things in life. Once you know how to do it, it’s actually not that difficult!

Bones are only dropped by very specific Pokémon, err Pals. So we have to go hunting for Pals. And here there is a Pal genus that is particularly suitable. That would be, for example, the wild boar with the name: Rushoar.

You can find the cantankerous Pal in the following places on our map. Take a look at the following picture.

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The autumn biome in the northwest of the starting area is ideal. For example in windy areas. Spawn at the Abandoned Church and search the area. You can find Rushoar basically everywhere here and therefore plenty of bones!

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Once you have found the Rushoar, you can either catch it or take it out directly. When you finish them off, make sure to collect the dropped items. This only happens automatically when you catch the Pals.

Tips for Bone Hunting: Keep in mind that there are other Pals that drop bones. But the Rushoar are quite easy to find and farm because they are very weak.

Other candidates would be the following Pals:

  • Fixy
  • Loupmoon
  • Gorirat

At this point I’ll include Fixy’s habitat again for you. You can also find this pal quite easily and turn it off to get a lot of bones! It really couldn’t be easier.

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The habitat is quite similar to that of Rushoar. So it could be that you will immediately encounter the Fixy in the windy area. If you take turns farming Fixy and Rushoar, the bone hunt will go pretty quickly.

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